Spring 2020 MS State Championships

Tournament Overview

Girls Only Division - Saturday May 16th ~ 9AM-4PM

6th Grade and younger Open Division - Saturday May 16th ~9am-4pm

8th Grade and younger Open A Division and Open B Divisions - Sunday May 17th ~9am-4pm

Long Lake Regional Park in Arvada CO

Official USA Ultimate Event Page


8TH GRADERS AND YOUNGER OPEN - A DIVISION (Designed for Top level teams - if teams/schools have enough for two teams they should break them up as A/B teams with one going in each division) ~ 8 or 12 teams ($150/team)
8TH GRADERS AND YOUNGER OPEN - B DIVISION (Designed for 'B' Level teams - second team of an A/B split) ~ 6-8 teams ($100/team)
6TH GRADERS AND YOUNGER OPEN - A DIVISION ~ 4-6 teams ($100/team)

Teams can determine roster size but the minimum number allowed on the roster is 8 and the recommended Max is 15 (@ 16 or higher you might consider splitting and doing 2 teams).  All but the Girls Only division is OPEN PLAY, meaning there are no gender requirements.  Girls and Boys play at the same time on the same team, COED, but there is no requirement to have players from each gender on the field at any given time.  All players on a given team MUST attend the same school (unlike this Fall where this was a bit different).  If you have players playing on your team that don't attend your actual school, please email the MS State Youth Coordinator for Approval (Give players names, grade level and reason for playing on your team)

Tourney fees are listed above and all players MUST be AYU affiliate members ($14/year) or USAU members.  Also, each team will be required to have one USAU certified Chaperone that is background checked and Safe Sport Certified.  

Important Tasks/Deadlines

1) School Programs will need to sign up their team(s) by Friday April 3rd with this interest Survey:


2) have a fully certified chaperone by Friday April 17th (Background Check and Safe Sport Certified) for each team (see 'C' below)

3) and pay their team fee by Friday April 17th for each team:

via Paypal to: [email protected]

(please pay 'friends and family style' so there are NO FEES and Contact me if you need other options of paying your team fee)

4) Start their online team roster and register that online roster with the correct division by May 1st (see 'A' and 'B' below)

Rostering Options

NOTE: Whether you decide to do online rostering or paper rostering, ALL teams must do the following PER TEAM:
A) Create a team online
B) Register for the event online - ie take your online team and register for MS State Championships in the correct Division
C) Register an approved chaperone to your roster (background check and safe sport certified)


(This is the PREFERRED way and in the long run, is better for everyone involved including, you, the coach)

If you are rostering online, all rosters/waivers/memberships must be completed by Tuesday, MAY 12th 

This includes

  1. Registering your team for the event 
  2. Adding your team's roster. (Directions on how to create your roster on USAUltimate.org)
  3. Have all your players pay for affiliate memberships ($14/year per player) only if they are not members already
  4. Have all your players fill out online waivers
  5. Even with online rostering, all players will need to provide a paper med form on the day of the event. Med form found here!


Paper Roster Form

If you are not rostering online, each player participating must bring to the event:

  1. $15 cash or check (made out to Altitude Youth Ultimate) (OR bring proof of memberships)
  2. A parent/guardian-signed paper waiver. Paper waiver found here!
  3. A paper Medical Form for each player on the team. Med form found here!

C. Combination of Online Rostering and a Paper roster

You can do a combination of online rostering and paper rostering if absolutely necessary. For instance, you try and get everyone on the online roster but you have a few stragglers you need to add to your roster the day of the event.

New Format and Rule Changes

It's going to be a 5v5 format with a few experimental rule changes.  (these rules changes are ones that USAU is recommending for this U15 age group.  Many of the Ultimate communities that have the biggest and best Middle School leagues/communities play 5v5 and with some of these rule differences.  A small subgroup of Colorado MS coaches have been talking about these changes for CO and we have landed on these for Fall play)

Number of players on the field -5v5

Field size (yards) - Length: 50  Width: 30  End Zone: 15  Bricks: 10

Game Length - Game Total: 11 points and/or Hard Time Cap 50 minutes

Pre-stall - NONE

Layout on Defense - Allowed without contact. Any contact with another player before, during, or after the play is considered a receiving foul. This includes incidental contact that did not affect the play. Emphasis must be placed by coaches on proper technique and decision-making. 

Disc Space - Marking distance extended from disc width to arms-length.

Zone defense -No zone 'cup' on the mark.  Switching and Poaching OK.

Dropped Pull -No turnover. Defense gets to set up and check in the disc.