Spring 2019 Coaches Socials

This season, we will be combining our Coaches Socials with tournaments, so after the games on Saturday, come get some apps on us and meet AYU’s first full time employee Jimmy Donnellon! 

To get the most up to date information, make sure you are on the Coaches Social Groupme (you’ll get text notifications!). You can join here: https://groupme.com/join_group/40544949/XwQ8wH

There is no cost to attend, but please let us know if you're planning on being there.

April 6th (Saturday of SICkO) after games

Murphy’s (at the community table)

  • 585 S. McCaslin Blvd, Louisville
  • distance from fields: 8 min

RSVP APRIL 6 (after Saturday of SICkO)

April 13th (Saturday of SICkO) after games

Winston’s Pub and Grill (in Quiet Room)

  • 7260 W Alaska Drive, Lakewood
  • distance from fields: 6 min

RSVP APRIL 13 (after Saturday of Off the Deep End)