Small Batch Ultimate

Small Batch is a competitive Women's Ultimate team out of Denver, Colorado in its 5th year of existence. Players travel from all across the Front Range, including Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, to play with this team. The team emphasizes commitment, competitiveness, and camaraderie.

We are looking for Ultimate women who are:

  • Dedicated to bettering themselves as athletes and people
  • Committed to attending all practices, regularly working out, and getting into tip-top shape
  • Interested in hanging out, being goofy, and throwing plastic around in the summer

2019 Captains 

Melinda Alvey
Lorraine Guerin
Maia Nguyen

2019 Tryout Schedule

April 28th, 1-4, O'Kane Park: Open Tryout
May 4th, 1-4, O'Kane Park: Open Tryout
May 5th, 1-4, O'Kane Park: Closed Tryout