Middle School League info

Denver currently has a Middle School league during the spring semester. Teams from different middle schools across the metro area get introduced to the sport of ultimate by practicing and competing against one another. If your school is interested in starting a team, or your child would like to join a team, please contact the Middle School Coordinator for more information.

Every week (outlined in the schedule), coaches will be expected to contact each other to discuss and decide upon the date, time, and location for each game. Home teams will be responsible for finding a field either on or near their school's campus and away teams need to coordinate their own transportation.

Teams that responded with MAYBE on the survey for the Spring League will serve as floaters, meaning they have a couple of options for this season:

  1. They can coordinate with each other to play games with the teams that they have. Coaches of these teams are responsible for scheduling games with each other.
  2. They can coordinate with teams that have a BYE week and play. Coaches of the teams with a BYE are responsible for reaching out to the MAYBE teams to inquire about a possible game.
  3. They can replace teams in the schedule that have a spring break during a given week. Coaches of teams that DO NOT have the spring break during a given week are responsible for contacting the MAYBE teams to inquire about replacing the team that has a spring break.

ALL TEAMS will be able to sign up and compete in the State Tournament on Saturday, May 11th.

Contact Middle School Coordinator