Middle School Program Coordinator and Coach Bios


Daniel Sponaugle - District Coordinator

Though I have played organized ultimate for about 8 years, I have never been on a team with a coach—with the exception of a few practices with Indianapolis AlleyCats, a highlight of my career. Most of my experiences have been on new teams - both open and mixed, including the mixed club team Ouzel most recently - that I’ve helped start and/or captain which has generally made me one of the “coaches.” That being said I look forward to helping coordinate and coach these teams in a more official role and working to create a great playing experience for all.


Courtney Ngai

Courtney first fell in love with ultimate frisbee at a local summer camp. She played during college with Sideshow at the University of Delaware. More recently, Courtney has played on Trainwreck (Fort Collins women’s club team), Hoarse ‘n Draggin (Fort Collins masters team), and captained Ouzel (Fort Collins mixed club team). Courtney is an educator at heart, and is excited to share her love of ultimate frisbee with youth players.


Jonathan Steiner

I grew up in Fort Collins, but didn’t start playing ultimate until the summer before 8th grade with my dad and a few of my friends using a small dog disc. I was immediately hooked, so I formed an ultimate club with my friends at Preston Middle School. We played every day during lunch and a couple days after school (with a real ultimate disc this time) and loved every minute. My high school didn’t have an ultimate team at the time, so some friends and I recruited all around the school to form the Fossil Ridge Phantoms, the first high school ultimate team in Fort Collins in a long time. I acted as captain/coach, and we competed competitively all across the front range, welcoming onto our team anyone with an interest in playing ultimate!

Nowadays, I am a sophomore on Hibida, the CSU club ultimate team, as well as a founding player of Ouzel, one of the Fort Collins mixed club teams. I am also a regular participant in the FC Ultimate seasonal leagues, which I have been playing in since 2016.

I love everything to do with Frisbees, and during the pandemic have been playing a lot of disc golf, as well as working at The Wright Life, the local Frisbee and alternative sports store in old town. Ultimate is my true love though – and I am excited to be a part of its return!


Dylan Latham McGraw

I got my start with ultimate junior year of high school at Henry M. Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California. I have been playing for 6 years now and I have gotten experience playing at the high school, YCC, D1 college, and Select Flight level of club. I have also assistant coached for one summer with the Bay Area YCC team, Red Dawn.


Boulder Area

Anshu Boonapalli - District Coordinator

I have played lot of league and pickup games in Boulder area (off/on since 2000 and regularly since 2010). My club experience is only at the Grand Masters level where I have been playing with the Bighorn team since 2015.

My coaching experience includes GRUPY (for elementary/middle school kids), helping as a coach at a few AYU/GRUPY organized camps, coaching Summit Middle School's 6th grade team at 2019 state tournament finals, a couple of ultimate introductory sessions at my kids' elementary school, and informal coaching as a captain of numerous GRU league teams.


Colorado Springs Area

Peter Kiefer - District Coordinator

Peter Kiefer is the guy shamelessly wearing Marvel pajama pants at every Ultimate tournament acting all intense (yes... he is something of an oxymoron). With coaching as his lifeblood and mentorship as a personal tenet, Peter is committed to developing youth in exceptional character through the sport of Ultimate. Having played Ultimate for 13 years, captained multiple teams, and coached for 6 years, his primary focus these days is growing the Ultimate community in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

If you're a parent like Peter that wants your kids to grow into high-character individuals, then consider emailing him at [email protected] to see how your family can get involved in Ultimate!
And if you're a passionate coach who's looking for a helping hand in building, launching and growing an Ultimate program - or simply want to get more involved in what already exists - you can also email Peter at [email protected] to see how he can help!

Ali Hartley

Ali has been playing ultimate for over ten years. She has worked with CSUN helping run leagues and clinics for several years and helped coach CC one year. She is excited to help develop Colorado Springs youth ultimate!


Denver East

Jeff Berget - District Coordinator

Jeff started playing Ultimate at Overland HS in ‘96. He attended Colorado School of Mines and started the team there in‘97. After college he played on teams including Sack Lunch, Johnny Bravo and Mesteño and most recently played with Johnny Encore (who won a Bronze medals in the 2014 and 2018 World Games and a National Title in 2017 ) and now currently on Johnny Walker (Won Gold in the Pan Am games in 2019). He has worked in the Colorado Youth Ultimate scene since 2001 and Coached Lakewood HS from 2001 to 2006 (two state titles), several seasons of YCC coaching, and has been running the state championship tournaments (fall and spring) for over 20 years. Jeff has most recently taken over organizing and running the Summer Camp Program (since 2018) and has been helping run and grow the Middle School community (since 2018). He is currently running the McAuliffe MS Ultimate Program where his two children attend.


Megan Ives

Megan Ives (she/her) has been playing Ultimate since her high school days at Lakewood High School. She went on to play for and captain the University of Colorado Boulder women's team, and helped lead the team to a semifinal finish in 2017. Ives now plays for Molly Brown while living in Denver, and has coached intermittently at several clinics over the years, and most recently in an informal after-school program at Skinner Middle School in NW Denver while she was completing an Americorps program. She is excited to bring her love for the game and energetic personality to the AYU Middle School Club program.


Thomas Echols

I played at LSU for 5 years then moved to Minneapolis and played for Sub Zero the past 2 seasons. For coaching, I coached Catholic High in Baton Rouge (won a high school national championship) for 3 years then coached the LSU Women's team for a year. I had a brief stint of coaching Hopkins High School out of Minneapolis before moving to Denver and coaching Denver East. I am also an owner of CUT Camp and have been coaching there for 6 years.

Denver West

AJ Abraham


I am a long time player and educator who has been coaching ultimate for about 7 seasons. Most recently, I've coached the D'Evelyn High School Boys and Mixed Teams, and I am very excited to launch a ladies ultimate program this spring. My coaching philosophy is steeped in mindfulness, spirit of the game, and hard-work. Player development doesn't happen in a vacuum, so adding depth and context to every aspect of the game is a major focus for me. Ultimate has given me so much on and off the field, I consider it an honor to give back to the community. There is no better way to learn, or teach, ultimate than these week-long immersive camps. I coach ultimate because I love it.

NW Denver

Jason Brask


Started Playing: 1989

Teams Played for: D.U.F (Florida State Univ.). Various Phoenix teams, Johnny Bravo-Encore-Walker, Misc Coed Teams.

Coaching: 1998-2014 Broomfield H.S. Middle School Basketball 2000-2012, YCC Girls (The Brenna Year) YCC U17 2017. USA Summer Camp Director 2014-present.

There is no other sport that combines the Intensity, grace, skill, speed, accountability and freedom of Ultimate. To not expose succeeding generations to this game would be wrong. Kind of like how disappointing it was that Luke refused to give Rey the proper instruction in what the force was all about. Camps are growing and evolving at a fantastic pace. It is super exciting to envision the possibilities of larger groups learning at a faster pace from increasingly accomplished counselors. I can't wait to see what the next generation brings to this game!


Josh Goertzen

I’ve played ultimate for 8 years here in Colorado, including high school, college, and club. I’ve coached the Jazz Ultimate program for 3 years, and have been helping lead summer camps on and off for the past 5 years. My favorite part of ultimate is teaching others and sharing the fun!