Labor Day Fours 2020

09:30 AM - 02:30 PM

Pleasant View Sports Complex in Boulder, CO
Jeff Berget |
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 Team Registration Closed | Looking for a team or need more players? Contact the TDs

Tournament Details

Divisions: Club Men's & Mixed
Format: 4 v. 4
Team Cost: $200
PAY Bid Fee Via this page
Tournament Directors: 
Jeff Berget, Ben Fletcher, Bob Krier, and Jimmy Donnellon
NOTE: All participants must be over 18 years old

AYU is excited to host a 4 v. 4 tournament on Labor Day weekend!  The tournament will be formatted to follow guidelines for COVID-19, and to reduce the number of people players come into contact with. 


Instructions on how to set up your team on USAU


We will be having a Captain's Meeting at 8:45a at Tournament Central with all first round of games starting at 9:30a.

We will require all players to submit this health screening within 18 hours before the start of the event (Friday evening - Saturday morning). To limit gatherings at the water stations, we recommend players bring more water than normal, even as much for themselves as they expect to need for the day - no sharing water bottles. 

We are also offering tent rentals for $15 per for the day - fill out this rental agreement if interested.

Please make sure to download the USAU App (iOS - Android) before Saturday.
We will have a trainer there early and no dogs allowed at the fields.

Divisions: Club Men (12 Teams) and Mixed (6 Teams) - Mixed will be played as 2 women and 2 men.

Rosters: 10 players per team maximum on the roster and 12 people total per team will be allowed at the fields (including spectators).

Game Format - Times & Scoring

  • Teams play a “first to win two games” in one round 
  • 60-minute rounds with the first two games played to 5 and a tie-breaker if needed to 3. 
  • 20-minute time cap for each game to 5 - with the 2nd game going to the 40-minute mark of the hour
    • Teams are encouraged to start the 2nd or 3rd game as soon as possible 
    • 5-minute max between each game 
  • The third tie-breaker game is to 3 with a 10-minute cap 
    • The 3rd game is not required to be played if one team wins the first two games.
  • Between points: 45 seconds for O then additional 15 seconds for D (60 total seconds between points) 
  • Flip a disc at the beginning of each round to pick Offense or Side, then Mirror to start the 2nd game, reflip for Side or Offense for the 3rd game to 3 points. 
  • One timeout per game per team.

Start time: All games will start at 9:30 AM.

Schedule and Seedings:

We did our best with seeding with this new format! 

Special 4v4 Rules

  • In general, we play with all of the same rules as we’re accustomed to with 7v7.  If something here doesn’t override those rules; default to them.
  • The Stall is to 7 (rather than 10), starting with “Stalling One”.  A stallout occurs on the first utterance of the “S” in “Seven” (rather than the “T” of “Ten”).
  • For a Contested Stall, the stall count will come in at 5, saying “Stalling 6”).  Note: this is just “back 2”, like the 7v7 rules.
  • For all Violations or Fouls that occur with the Stall Count above 3 - if the stall count would come in above 3 when restarting play, the stall count will instead come in at 3 (saying “Stalling 4”)
    • As an example, we know that if a Pick is called when the stall-count is at 8, play will resume with the stall count dropping to 5, so the marker starts with “Stalling 6”.  Here we’re just replacing 5 with 3, for all rules involving the stall count for travels, picks, fouls, etc…
    • So if a Pick is called when the mark had already uttered “Five”, then play would restart with the stall at 3, saying “Stalling 4”.
  • Each point starts with a Pull, and like 7v7: Offense should have one foot on their end-zone line, and the Defensive players should be behind their own end-zone line when the Pull is released.
  • However, the Brick rule is changed.  For 4v4, if the pull lands out-of-bounds, or if the pull lands in-bounds but rolls out of bounds - the offense must take the disc at the Brick Mark.  The offense does not have the option to pick up a disc that has touched out-of-bounds, they must walk the disc to the Brick Mark before starting play. 
    • Special Note: In the case of a pull that leaves the playing field proper immediately after leaving the puller’s hand, and never comes back into play - the starting point is still the Brick Mark.  The offense does not have the option to put the disc in play where it last left the playing-field proper.
  • The Brick Mark is centered on the field, at the Midfield mark on the field - so half-way between the two end-zones.

Score Reporting

  • Use the USAU App (iOS - Android) to enter number of games won
    • Open the App >> click Events >> Click Labor Day 4s >> Click Your Division >> Click View Schedule & Scores >> Click Pencil to Update the Score
  • Text the individual game scores to (720) 347-1934
    • Example: 
      • Team A (your team in this example) wins the first game 5-3
      • Team B wins the second game 5-2
      • Team A wins the tie-breaker 3-2
      • You input into the USAU app the score 2-1
      • You text: Team A 5-3 over Team B, Team B 5-2, Team A 3-2

All participants must have an up-to-date USA Ultimate membership - an Affiliate Membership is sufficient, chose Affiliate Colorado Altitude Youth Ultimate (AYU) - with signed Release of Liability Waiver, and the Infectious Diseases Waiver.

Looking for a team or need more players? Contact the TDs

Field Map

Key Dates

Team Fee Deadline: Sunday, August 30 at 5 PM (Extended)
Team Registration on USAU Site Deadline: Sunday, August 30
Refund Policy: If the tournament is canceled due to COVID-19, all teams will be refunded in full. 
Rostering on USAU Site Deadline: Wednesday, September 2 - must have a minimum of 6 players on the roster.

Additional Safety Precautions

  • All participants and staff must follow the CDC good hygiene practices:
    • Use hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, or no-rinse soap.
    • Avoid touching your face.
    • Sneeze or cough into a tissue or the inside of your elbow.
  • Athletes, organizers, and coaches will NOT participate if they feel under the weather, sick, or have come in contact with someone that may be sick. 
  • We will have alcohol-based hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) and hand washing stations for all participants to use regularly throughout the event.
  • All players, coaches, and spectators are required to use a face covering (i.e. mask, a bandana, or other material covering mouth and nose) as much as possible.
    • Players may call “injury” timeout if they are having difficulty breathing due to the face-covering or if a player continues to not use a face-covering and has been warned more than twice.
  • All players, coaches, and spectators should practice social distancing of 6 ft. wherever possible and activities that are not conducive to the required 6 feet of physical distancing will be limited throughout the day.
  • Regularly disinfect discs and frequently touched objects and surfaces - we recommend starting each game with a “clean” disc. 
  • Space player equipment accordingly to prevent close contact.
  • No Handshakes or group celebrations and spirit circles

If you have any questions, please contact the Tournament Directors