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We have a variety of paid positions that we want to fill as soon as possible. Unless otherwise noted, position is open until filled. Please contact the specific manager for each position with questions or to apply.

To apply:

Send an email to hiring at altitudeyouthultimate dot org with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email & phone
  • Your age (optional)
  • Where you live
  • Which job are you applying for
  • Tell us about your work experience/skills in this area
  • Tell us about yourself


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Colorado needs more folks becoming USAU observers AND more folks observing at local tournaments.

1) Head Observer -  This person does the following for ONE local tourney.  This position will take a few hours pre event of communicating and will be on site for the whole event. REQUIREMENT-must be a USAU certified observer. Stipend is $50/event day

    1. Work closely with the TD of the Event to decide the number of observers needed
    2. gather interest from local and regional observers to work the event
    3. if there is a budget for out of state observers, work with the TD to determine how many out of town observers will be needed and can be afforded
    4. pass along all necessary communications to your observer crew
    5. the weekend of the event, coordinate which observers work together and what games each crew will work (with the help of the TD)
    6. he or she also will be working games throughout the weekend themselves

2) Observer -  This person does the following.  REQUIREMENT-must be a USAU certified observer. Stipend is $25/event day

  1. i) Works with the TD or Head Observer to work event games
  2. ii) Brings his/her own uniform and officiating gear

iii) reports scores and TMF’s/PMF’s back to Tourney central

Event Volunteers

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