AYU is growing, and we need your help! We have an inclusive vision and welcome involvement from all members of the ultimate community. Please sign up to volunteer or contact us if you have ideas.

We have a variety of paid positions that we want to fill as soon as possible. Unless otherwise noted, position is open until filled. Please contact the specific manager for each position with questions or to apply.

If you are interested in any position? Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email & phone
  • Where you live
  • Which job are you applying for
  • Tell us about your work experience/skills in this area
  • Tell us about yourself


AYU Community Organizer

Altitude Youth Ultimate is looking for a Community Organizer to help us build relationships in the communities where we work and play, as well as share the joy of ultimate with racially diverse and historically marginalized communities throughout the Front Range, specifically in NE Denver in the immediate term, (and potentially more communities as we grow the program). 

This position would be part-time to start, but could develop into a full time role in the future.

To some extent, we are interested in someone who will work with us to develop the goals and vision for this role -- we haven’t specifically had a Community Organizer position before, and we would encourage the person in this role to help flesh out the full vision for this role. That said, in our current vision the person in this role would be responsible for:

  • Outreach/recruitment activities (such as tabelings, attending community events to share information, reaching out/following up/taking meetings with community leaders, parents, etc)*
  • Organizing and running* Learn to Play clinics and leagues in the target communities
  • Creating situations-specific, non-traditional playing/learning opportunities (intergenerational, short field, small-sided games, mixed-age/gender, etc.)
  • Providing other opportunities to learn about ultimate
  • Building long term partnerships with community members, including parents, local business, non-profit organizations, and other community leaders and informal networks
  • Develop coaches and organizers in the communities we are working with
  • Finding creative outreach & partnership opportunities in target communities

We do not have a permanent office space, you would be working on your personal computer/phone equipment in your own workspace. Because this is a somewhat event-based role, hours can be irregular and vary week-to-week, though you will have quite a bit of flexibility and ability to choose your own hours and work schedule outside of scheduled events. We expect the position to average around 25 hours a week, though there is potential for the position to develop in a full-time job in the future.

*AYU has an Operations Management team who will be providing some logistical support for the person in this role, i.e., helping with making sure the right paperwork and insurance is covered for events, that operations and logistical support for event planning will be provided, etc.


AYU has been working towards more equity and diversity in the community of youth we are serving. You can learn more about our efforts here. One of the challenges we have encountered is that we -- our current board, coaches, and others that make up the ‘leadership’ in the community -- don’t have good ways to reach the communities we are trying to include, nor do we want to simply make it a one-sided effort. 

We want to invest in true collaborative, long-term relationships in historically-marginalized communities, and to do that we need to invest in staff that can focus on this effort.  


We recognize that the communities we want to collaborate with sometimes have histories where “outsiders” have come in with their own visions of ‘helping’, made promises they then haven’t kept,  and left broken promises and relationships in their wake. Thus, it is necessary for this person to have an awareness of their privilege, power, identity, and biases, or insight into how their own background from a historically marginalized community has affected their relationship with the Ultimate community. It is important for this person to be able to develop -- or already have -- strong relationships with people different from themselves and have an ability to build trust in communities where trust may have been broken in the past. 

Other preferred* qualifications include:

  • Relationship and trust-building skills 
  • 2-5 years experience serving and collaborating with marginalized communities
  • Strong existing network of community relationships and contacts in NE Denver
  • Ability to listen and understand diverse perspectives
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Ability to follow through
  • Quick response time
  • Ability to take ownership of the project and take on ideas
  • Detail-oriented and ability to track multiple tasks and projects
  • Fluency with social media
  • Self-directed and able to work with minimal oversight and supervision
  • Able and willing to execute a vision to build a program where none currently exists
  • Able and willing to build a program that may take several years to reach full potential
  • Ability to take notes and create templates to build knowledge/experience base that we can share with broader Ultimate community locally and nationally
  • Willingness to seek out and support leaders in the community who can be integral partners for long-term program success
  • Ability to speak Spanish is a definite plus!

Not being an experienced Ultimate frisbee player or coach is not disqualifying for this role -- we are not looking for someone who themselves will be coaching or need to have a ton of in-depth knowledge of the technical ins-and-outs of Ultimate frisbee. 

We are looking for someone who has and a passion for the joy of the game, understands the ethic of Spirit of the Game, and is embedded in the Ultimate community, but mostly we are looking for someone who will be a skilled ambassador and relationship-builder. (*So in this context “running” a league or clinic does not mean this person would necessarily themselves have to be the individual coaching at the clinics.)

*Not having some item on the list of qualifications above isn’t disqualifying -- please don’t let not having something on this list prevent you from applying if you feel like the outlines of this job speak strongly to something you want to get involved in! We are interested in someone who is going to work well independently and who could grow into this position, and may take a chance on the right person even if you don’t check every item on this list!


Stipend starting at $2500 month. Option to increase depending on deliverables and performance based on performance at the 6-month mark. Regular scheduled reviews that result in work plan adjustments will result in corresponding pay scale adjustments. Bonuses also available for exceptional work performance. 

Reimbursements for outlay of personal equipment (e.g., phone/computer/car mileage) negotiable.

There is also a budget for this effort:

  • Up to $3,000 EDI grant from USAU to be used for field/venue rental, equipment, snacks, other expenses as needed
  • Comped coaching certification from USAU
  • LTP kits from USAU
  • Potentially additional funds could be applied for from AYU and other partner organizations

We recognize the importance of this role and thus have created a network of support for the person leading the Community Organizing work including internal staff and board support and supervision. 

If Interested, please email [email protected] with a resume and a cover letter that tells us why you are interested and your qualifications for this role. Please put the JOB TITLE and your LAST NAME in the subject line. 

AYU Internship

Looking for a way to be more involved with ultimate while developing your professional skills? We are looking for interns to assist AYU in growing events and programs. We expect the intern to be available at tournaments and help with the logistics of league, tournaments, clinics, and programs. The internship can be paid or done for credit based on your needs and experience.

Medical Director for Masters Nationals (July 2022)

Preferable a physician who is a sports medicine trained-orthopedic surgeon or sports med/family medicine.  Emergency medicine is a good specialty to recruit.

Medical Director should be familiar with evaluating musculoskeletal injuries, concussions, heat/cold injuries and managing emergencies - both medical and injuries.  Familiarity with the SCAT5 is important.

They will need to become familiar with USAU's heat guidelines and use of the Kestrel.


  • Working with ATC's working the event to make decisions about return to play
  • Working with USAU event staff on monitoring weather conditions and making decisions about heat level and play
  • Helpful if can liaise with local hospital/urgent care
  • Work with event ATCs to designate closest hospital/urgent care/pharmacy on the handout for participants/spectators
  • Meeting EMS/Police that are working event in case of emergency
  • Triaging spectator illness/injury to determine if transport by ambulance is needed
  • Summarizing medical over the course of the event and submitting a BRIEF written report to USAU Event staff  (ie no ambulance transports, 2 heat-related injuries, 5 concussions, etc)


  • Board Certified
  • CPR certified
  • prior experience working sporting events

AYU Board Member

Our six-person Board will be adding at least one new Board member and are extending an invite to anyone interested in joining the board to submit an application. 

Our Board is a great group of people who are productive, high-functioning and well-regarded in the community. We love seeing new players fall in love with our sport and trust you will too.

Are you interested? Send a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

Board Expectations

  • One in-person mtg per month (weekday evening for ~three hours)
  • Basic facility with Google Docs
  • Respond to emails/requests for feedback
  • Oversee at least one sub-committee or project
  • Commit to at least a three-year term
  • No financial/donor expectations

Commitment to the best interests of youth ultimate, Spirit of the Game, open communication, conflict resolution, and cooperation within our Board and community.

We will first review all applications and then have a formal interview/application process.


Colorado needs more folks becoming USAU observers AND more folks observing at local tournaments.

1) Head Observer -  This person does the following for ONE local tourney.  This position will take a few hours pre event of communicating and will be on site for the whole event. REQUIREMENT-must be a USAU certified observer. Stipend is $50/event day

    1. Work closely with the TD of the Event to decide the number of observers needed
    2. gather interest from local and regional observers to work the event
    3. if there is a budget for out of state observers, work with the TD to determine how many out of town observers will be needed and can be afforded
    4. pass along all necessary communications to your observer crew
    5. the weekend of the event, coordinate which observers work together and what games each crew will work (with the help of the TD)
    6. he or she also will be working games throughout the weekend themselves

2) Observer -  This person does the following.  REQUIREMENT-must be a USAU certified observer. Stipend is $25/event day

  1. i) Works with the TD or Head Observer to work event games
  2. ii) Brings his/her own uniform and officiating gear

iii) reports scores and TMF’s/PMF’s back to Tourney central

Event Volunteers

We always need event volunteers!

Sign up here

AYU Youth Coaches

We are looking for qualified coaches for upcoming clinics and to help with various youth programs. We will be compensating coaches for their time and all coaches will have a demonstrated commitment to strong character and sportsmanship and will be chosen based on the following criteria: 

  • Must have or will get an active USA Ultimate Membership. 
  • Must agree to the USA Ultimate Coaching Code of Ethics.
  • Completed Background check and SafeSport certification.
  • Must agree to Coaching Code of Ethics and Spirit of Coaching.
  • Must be available for virtual meetings in the months leading up to the season to discuss logistics and roles/responsibilities with the head coach and AYU Director of Operations.

Apply to coach