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  • published Colorado Cutthroat 2020 Tryouts in Blog 2020-01-18 16:11:35 -0700

    Colorado Cutthroat 2020 Tryouts

    Colorado Cutthroat is Colorado's premier youth ultimate club program, with top players from many different HS teams coming together to represent Colorado in a national tournament in August in Blaine, Minnesota. Cutthroat players get high-level coaching from some of the top coaches in the state, experience top-level competition, and get to be teammates with many of their top opponents on other teams!

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  • Cutthroat 2020 Winter Clinics for Boys and Girls

    Are you a current Cutthroat player and want to begin to prepare for the season? Want to have more of an impact on the team this year? Are you interested in trying out for the Cutthroat team this summer and want an edge? Come to our Cutthroat Winter Clinics! You will receive coaching from the Cutthroat coaches, local club and college coaches, and nationally recognized coaches! The focus will be on individual knowledge and skills, so that you can hone up your own game, regardless of whether you are a veteran player or someone interested in preparing for tryouts!
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  • published 2019 Club Connect Winter League in Blog 2019-10-21 16:17:26 -0600

    2019 Club Connect Winter League

    Addicted to ultimate? Want to meet AND PLAY with adult club players? Starting about a week after HS States, we will be hosting a 5-week winter league! We will be having club players come and player-coach your league teams! This means you'll get to compete against and get coached by some of the best players in the state! Oh, and you'll get to baggage which means you and a friend get to reminisce about the time you almost schooled a club player.
    Register soon because we have a limited number of slots given the turf field and club players!
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  • 2020 Denver/ Boulder Youth Winter Indoor League!

    Denver/Boulder Winter Indoor Registrations and USAU Med Forms are available! 

    All 6 weeks are from 10 to 11 AM this coming year (2020) at Foothills Sports Arena, Sundays Jan. 12 to Feb. 16th. 

    It was a great time last winter with 8 teams, the league filled up before the registration due date, and expecting the same for this year! To avoid getting placed on a waiting list at the last minute, I suggest getting registrations and payment mailed in ahead of time.

    This is league based (non- instructional) and Co-ed. 

    League fee includes a jersey and disc.



    Everything is MAIL-IN!

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  • Cutthroat Competes at Youth Club Championships 2019

    USA Ultimate's Youth Club Championships (YCC) have been the pinnacle of youth ultimate in this country since their inaugural year in 2010. This summer AYU sent three Cutthroat teams to represent Colorado at YCC; a U20, a U17 Boys teams, and a U20 Girls team. 

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  • published AYU Club Connect Volunteer Program in Blog 2019-07-25 12:20:06 -0600

    AYU Club Connect Volunteer Program

    The AYU Club Connection, a volunteer rewards program is underway but your team can still join. This program offers you a chance to connect with the youth in Colorado and to raise extra funds for your team.

    A simple overview of the program:

    1. Someone on your team volunteers
    2. Your team get points
    3. The teams with the most points receive a reward.

    Rewards: 1st: $2,000 | 2nd: $1,500 | 3rd: $1,000 | 4th: $500

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  • Volunteers Needed for Club Tournaments

    Altitude Youth Ultimate is excited to be hosting the Colorado Cup and Masters National Championships this year!  Both tournaments have expanded, and between 2 weekends in July, AYU will be hosting over 170 teams from around the country at these tournaments!  These include some of the best teams in the country, and you have the opportunity to watch some incredible ultimate while helping us to provide this great tournament experience for teams!

    Click here to sign up to volunteer

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  • Mesteño Ultimate

    Blue Mustang, the hilariously terrifying blue horse sculpture whose baleful, laser-eyed gaze you cannot escape, was unveiled at Denver International Airport in 2008. It was immediately both reviled and beloved.  

    Mesteño, the smaller sculpture on which it is based, gave the name to the team founded by Scott Salvati and Serena Woods in 2009. With the founding idea to gather a group of Ultimate-playing friends and go to Nationals, Mesteño has established itself as a perennial contender in the South Central Region and, like it's big brother Blucifer, a Denver institution. 

    After an early Nationals run in 2011, and many changes over the years, Mesteño has spent the past few seasons building stronger and stronger results with each Regionals finish better than the last. Will 2019 be a breakthrough year with a return to Nationals? Nothing is guaranteed, except that Mesteño will remain committed to its twin goals of Fun and Competition at the highest levels along the way.

    Mesteño Only 2019 Tryout Schedule:

    *All weeknight events start at 6:30

    Thursday, May 2 - Open scrimmage (O’Kane Park, Lakewood)

    Tuesday, May 7 - Open tryout (Long Lake Regional Park)

    Tuesday, May 14 - Open tryout (Long Lake Regional Park)

    Tuesday, May 21 - Invite only (O’Kane Park, Lakewood)

    Thursday, May 30 - Invite only (O’Kane Park, Lakewood)

    Saturday, June 1 - Invite only (O’Kane Park, Lakewood)


    June 1-2: Woody, Colorado Springs

    June 22-23: Solstice, Fort Collins

    July 13-14: SFI West, Denver

    August 17-18: Fruit Bowl, Seattle

    September 7-8: Sectionals, Denver?

    September 21-22: Tulsa?

  • Molly Brown Ultimate

    In 2010, an elite women's club ultimate frisbee team called Molly Brown was formed. Molly Brown was chosen as the name as a tribute to a 20th-century Colorado suffragette and Titanic survivor Maggie “Molly” Brown.

    While the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown is most well known for being a survivor of the 1912 Titanic disaster, many don’t know that she was also a philanthropist, advocate for workers and children, and women’s rights activist. Maggie remained committed to advocating for the less fortunate throughout her life and was far ahead of her time on women’s rights issues.

    Throughout the past 9 years, the Molly Brown ultimate team has continued the spirit of Margaret Brown's activism by supporting women's and youth development and participation in ultimate frisbee. Our players have captained or coached women's college teams at CU Boulder, Colorado College, and Colorado State University, high school teams in the Denver/Boulder metro area, and the Colorado Youth Club Championships high school team. Molly Brown players have run development skills clinics for middle-, high-school, and college players and hosted showcase games to promote viewership of elite female athletes. Our players created a high school league where elite club players from the area play with high schoolers in a co-ed winter league focused on learning and development and have fundraised to support a scholarship for high school girls from Colorado to attend the National Ultimate Training Camp, which is hosted in Massachusetts every summer.

    2019 Tryout Schedule

    • Open tryout: May 18-19 
    • Closed tryouts: June 1-2, June 8, June 15-16, June 21-22 (Fort Collins Solstice) 

  • published 2019 Indoor Tournaments A Success in Blog 2019-02-25 13:47:42 -0700

    2019 Indoor Tournaments A Success

    AYU’s winter indoor hat tournaments were a success this winter!  Thank you to all the players who attended and played with great spirit and enthusiasm! We had 158 players attend this year, with a total of 242 players between the 4 tournaments.  At the last tournament on February 2, we collected 70 items of canned food, which were donated to the Action Center in Lakewood. Thanks to everyone who contributed food!

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