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  • published AYU's Commitment to Racial Equity in Blog 2020-06-12 12:15:12 -0600

    AYU's Commitment to Racial Equity

    The Altitude Youth Ultimate board is appalled at the oppression by police of black and brown people that — while a long-standing issue in this country — has been most recently brought to light by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McCain and many others. We are also heartened by the world’s response, rising up with words and deeds to try to put a stop to unfair policing and to promote social justice. And while we find that the actions and conversations happening within the Ultimate community are particularly important and necessary, we know that words or a moment of action are not enough.

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  • published Governor Allows Summer Camps in Blog 2020-06-01 17:04:20 -0600

    Summer Camps Can Open June 1

    The Colorado governor has given us new safety guidelines and announced that children's day camps and youth sports camps will be able to open on June 1 

    "I know this has been a very different school year than many students were expecting, and thanks to the success of our social distancing efforts so far, Colorado kids will be able to enjoy day camps and youth sports camps this summer in as safe a manner as possible." Governor Jared Polis said.

    Register for a camp today!


    We expect that Denver and other cities/counties will follow the state's guidance and we feel confident that we will run MOST Camps this Summer! BUT BEWARE THAT THERE WILL LIKELY BE A 10 or 25 CAMPER MAX SO SIGN UP TODAY, SPACE WILL GO QUICK WITH THIS NEWS!

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  • published Ultimate Social Distancing Resources in Blog 2020-04-16 15:42:24 -0600

    Ultimate Social Distancing Resources

    While our community is social distancing and sheltering in place to stay safe, we want to provide a space and opportunity for our community members to engage and connect with each other!

    Here are some resources and tips we hope will give us all a way to come closer while we're apart.

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  • published Cutthroat Winter Clinics Recap in Blog 2020-03-21 12:21:34 -0600

    Cutthroat Winter Clinics Recap

    We want to thank all the players and coaches who participated during the Cutthroat Winter Clinics! We had over 40 players play in all kinds of weather throughout the clinics with excellent coaches leading sessions. The U20 boys finished out the clinics with a fourth-place finish at a college tournament at the Air Force Invite!

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  • published AYU and USAU Respond to COVID-19 in Blog 2020-03-13 10:31:41 -0600

    March 16 Update: AYU and USAU Respond to COVID-19

    USA Ultimate Response to COVID-19

    This post will be updated frequently as this situation is quickly evolving. Please take the necessary steps personally to keep yourself and others around you healthy.

    March 16 Update

    USA Ultimate has made the decision to follow the CDC's guidance, released yesterday, to limit public gatherings for eight weeks. As a result, USA Ultimate events are being canceled or postponed through at least May 10. That includes canceling college regional championships and postponing, indefinitely, some high school state championships and the Beach Championships.

    AYU will be evaluating the latest updates and recommendations to make a decision on state championships. 

    March 13 Update

    USA Ultimate has announced that all USAU-sanctioned events through April 20 will be postponed or canceled.  This applies to clinics, leagues, practices, and tournaments – including coaching clinics. This means that all AYU events sanctioned through USAU will be postponed or canceled.

    On behalf of our entire board and staff, postponing and delaying events, shortening seasons, and other cancellations or 'pauses' is the last decision any of us wanted to make. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to this sport and the health and safety of the players and the community.

    The large organizations we are keeping a close eye on are:

    • CHSAA (Colorado’s governing varsity sports’ organizers)
    • USA Ultimate
    • Colorado Governor's office
    • Local School Districts 
    • CDC and other health officials

    We will be taking the lead from these organizations on how to proceed following the suspension of events. We will keep posting to this page and to our social media platforms.

    As frustrations and disappointments elevate, please keep in mind our social responsibility to the rest of the community. It is a privilege to be strong and healthy at this time, and with privilege comes the responsibility of taking care of those not as healthy.

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  • published Coaching Requirements in Blog 2020-03-11 10:42:56 -0600

    Coaching Requirements Explained

    Since USAU now requires one certified coach per high school team to compete at State Championships, we have been planning certification clinics throughout the spring to give coaches as many opportunities as possible to become certified. 

    We have four coaching certification clinics scheduled before the State Championships.

    Find the clinic that fits your schedule and location best >>>

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  • published 2020 Winter Indoor Wrap up in Blog 2020-03-03 12:13:15 -0700

    2020 Winter Indoor Wrap up

    Thanks to all of the players that participated in Winter Indoor 2020 this season!
    Congratulations to Team 8 Grey for winning the league championship game.
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  • published Colorado Cutthroat 2020 Tryouts in Blog 2020-01-18 16:11:35 -0700

    Colorado Cutthroat 2020 Tryouts

    Colorado Cutthroat is Colorado's premier youth ultimate club program, with top players from many different HS teams coming together to represent Colorado in a national tournament in August in Blaine, Minnesota. Cutthroat players get high-level coaching from some of the top coaches in the state, experience top-level competition, and get to be teammates with many of their top opponents on other teams!

    Learn more about Colorado Cutthroat

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  • Cutthroat 2020 Winter Clinics for Boys and Girls

    Are you a current Cutthroat player and want to begin to prepare for the season? Want to have more of an impact on the team this year? Are you interested in trying out for the Cutthroat team this summer and want an edge? Come to our Cutthroat Winter Clinics! You will receive coaching from the Cutthroat coaches, local club and college coaches, and nationally recognized coaches! The focus will be on individual knowledge and skills, so that you can hone up your own game, regardless of whether you are a veteran player or someone interested in preparing for tryouts!
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  • published 2019 Club Connect Winter League in Blog 2019-10-21 16:17:26 -0600

    2019 Club Connect Winter League

    Addicted to ultimate? Want to meet AND PLAY with adult club players? Starting about a week after HS States, we will be hosting a 5-week winter league! We will be having club players come and player-coach your league teams! This means you'll get to compete against and get coached by some of the best players in the state! Oh, and you'll get to baggage which means you and a friend get to reminisce about the time you almost schooled a club player.
    Register soon because we have a limited number of slots given the turf field and club players!
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  • 2020 Denver/ Boulder Youth Winter Indoor League!

    Denver/Boulder Winter Indoor Registrations and USAU Med Forms are available! 

    All 6 weeks are from 10 to 11 AM this coming year (2020) at Foothills Sports Arena, Sundays Jan. 12 to Feb. 16th. 

    It was a great time last winter with 8 teams, the league filled up before the registration due date, and expecting the same for this year! To avoid getting placed on a waiting list at the last minute, I suggest getting registrations and payment mailed in ahead of time.

    This is league based (non- instructional) and Co-ed. 

    League fee includes a jersey and disc.



    Everything is MAIL-IN!

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  • Cutthroat Competes at Youth Club Championships 2019

    USA Ultimate's Youth Club Championships (YCC) have been the pinnacle of youth ultimate in this country since their inaugural year in 2010. This summer AYU sent three Cutthroat teams to represent Colorado at YCC; a U20, a U17 Boys teams, and a U20 Girls team. 

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  • published AYU Club Connect Volunteer Program in Blog 2019-07-25 12:20:06 -0600

    AYU Club Connect Volunteer Program

    The AYU Club Connection, a volunteer rewards program is underway but your team can still join. This program offers you a chance to connect with the youth in Colorado and to raise extra funds for your team.

    A simple overview of the program:

    1. Someone on your team volunteers
    2. Your team get points
    3. The teams with the most points receive a reward.

    Rewards: 1st: $2,000 | 2nd: $1,500 | 3rd: $1,000 | 4th: $500

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