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  • TCT Pro Flight Championships (Colorado Cup) 2021

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    Tournament Details

    When: Sept. 4-6
    Where: Pleasant View in Boulder, CO
    Divisions: Men's, Women's and Mixed (10 Teams each)
    Team Cost: $895
    PAY Bid Fee Via this page
    Tournament Directors: 
    Jeff Berget & Jimmy Donnellon
    Time Caps and Timeouts: Below

    Key Dates

    Fee Deadlines:
    Team Fee Due: Sunday, August 21st
    $75 Late Fee after August 21st
    Refund Policy: Full refund if the event is canceled due to the coronavirus. If the team retracts their bid themselves - they get 50% from 30 days to 10 days before the event then 0% within 10 days of the event. 
    Rostering Deadlines:
    Team Registration: Sunday, August 21st at 5 PM at 5 PM (USAU will send your team an invite to register for the event)
    Final Event Rosters: Wednesday, Sept. 1st at 5 PM
    Captain's Check-in/Reception: Friday, Sept. 3rd at 6-8 PM

    Game Format

    Game format will be finalized soon.


    There is no gender pull rule for Mixed and we will be following the USAU 2021 Club Guidelines of 4/3 or 3/4 Ratio and "genzone".

    Game Scoring 

    Please make sure to download the USAU App (iOS - Android) before Saturday.

    We will have field marshalls to monitor scores yet please use the USAU App to enter game scores!

    Open the App >> click Events >> TCT Pro Championships 2021 >> Click Your Division >> Click View Schedule & Scores >> Click the Pencil to Update the Score

    (NOTE: iOS users may need to enter scores via event page)

    Spirit Scoring

    In an effort to decrease avenues in which bias can affect Spirit of the Game (SOTG), the SOTG Working Group (WG) and USA Ultimate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Staff Committee have updated the Spirit Captain Guide. The updated guide also reflects the 2020-2021 Rules of Ultimate. The spirit captain role has been added to the 2020-2021 Rules of Ultimate, so we encourage your team to have a spirit captain. For mixed teams, in alignment with our efforts to promote gender equity, we recommend choosing two people of different gender identities for your spirit captains. Per the 2020-2021 Rules of Ultimate, the definition of a Spirit Captain is the following. "A spirit captain is a team member who is eligible to participate in the game and has been designated to address, discuss and resolve spirit issues at any point throughout the competition with opponents, teammates, coaches and game or event officials. If no spirit captain is designated, this role is assigned to the captain(s)." 
    This event will be carrying out spirit scoring via a Google Form. You'll be able to see the Spirit Score Sheet & Examples in the Google form, but you can also find it here. Please note that the SOTG WG and EDI Staff Committee have updated the Spirit Score Sheet & Examples from the 2014 version that was used previously in an effort to decrease avenues in which bias can affect Spirit of the Game. The Spirit Score Sheet & Examples is not yet finalized, and you will have a chance to provide feedback on it. Thank you for piloting our new Google form and Spirit Score Sheet & Examples. These great resources couldn't happen without the hard work of volunteers in our SOTG WG!
    There is a distinct form for each division. See below for the forms.
    Links for each division's spirit scoring Google Forms to come soon.

    Teams and Schedules

    Mixed Division (10 Teams)

    Team City State/Province Flight Rentals Lunches Hotel Block
    Green indicated the team has paid

    Women's Division (10 Teams)

    Team City State/Province Flight Rentals Lunches Hotel Block
    Green indicates the team has paid

    Men's Division (10 Teams)

    Team City State/Province Flight Rentals Lunches Hotel Block
    Green indicates the team has paid

    Lodging Information

    If you're having any trouble reserving under these block - please contact Jeff

    I'm Having Trouble Reserving

    Book your group rate in Boulder

    Call the hotel directly and use this 3 letter code (UUP) to get rooms at $109
    303.442.6600/block code UUP.

    Colorado Cup Refund Back Program

    We are offering teams attending TCT Pro Flight Championships (Colorado Cup) 2021 an opportunity to have part of their tournament fee refunded back to them through participating in various events or programs throughout the weekend. The more a team participates the more they will be refunded.

    Teams are asked to participate in:

    1. Attend the Captains Reception on Friday, Sept. 3rd 6-8p. (location TBD)
    2. Bring a NEW team item for a volunteer gift (Jersey, Short, Hat, etc)
    3. Bring and donate as a team used and unwanted discs and/or jerseys from overflowing drawers
    4. Rent an EXTRA tent, cooler and/or chairs from our rental program (Rental form and agreement)
      • Note: Each field will have one tent set up for each team at each field.
    5. Order and buy team lunches through the Panera Team Lunch Program (Order form)
    6. Team stay in a tournament supported Hotel Block (listed above - email Jimmy with your confirmation)
    Teams that participate in:
    • 4 of 6 receive $30 back
    • 5 of 6 receive $65 back
    • 6 of 6 receive $100 back
    Rental equipment will be available for pickup at the Captain's Reception on Friday night before the tournament or at tournament central before your first game. 
    The rental coolers are various sizes and will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

    Facility Rules

    Coming Soon

    High Altitude Tips

    In Colorado’s rarified air, golf balls go ten percent farther… and so do cocktails. Alcoholic drinks pack more of a wallop than at sea level. The sun feels warmer because you're closer to it, but your coffee is cooler because water boils at 202 degrees. Colorado is also extremely dry, and with less water vapor in the air at this altitude, the sky really is bluer in Colorado. But there's 25 percent less protection from the sun, so sunscreen is a must.

    DRINK WATER both before your trip to Colorado, and while you are here. Drinking plenty of water is the number one way to help your body adjust easily to our higher altitude. The low humidity in Colorado keeps the air dry, like the desert, so you need about twice as much water here as you would drink at home. It is also recommended that you go easy on the alcohol in the mountains and in Aurora, as its effects will feel stronger here. The effects of exercise are more intense here as well. If you normally run 10 miles a day at home, you might try 6 miles in Aurora, Colorado

    Eat foods high in potassium, such as; broccoli, bananas, avocado, cantaloupe, Celery, greens, bran, chocolate, granola, dates, dried fruit, potatoes, tomatoes

    What to bring: Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm… even in winter and plenty of water. There is 25% less protection from the sun’s rays at higher elevation.

    Altitude: Don't let anything you hear about the mile-high altitude scare you. The air is just thinner and dryer. In fact, many people with respiratory problems, including our Governor, move to Colorado for the benefits of the dry air. Just follow these simple tips and you will very likely not even notice the difference.

    *Info courtesy of Visit Aurora

    Additional Safety Precautions

    • All participants and staff must follow the CDC good hygiene practices:
      • Use hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, or no-rinse soap.
      • Avoid touching your face.
      • Sneeze or cough into a tissue or the inside of your elbow.
    • Athletes, organizers, and coaches will NOT participate if they feel under the weather, sick, or have come in contact with someone that may be sick. 
    • We will have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) and handwashing stations for all participants to use regularly throughout the event.
    • All players, coaches, and spectators should practice social distancing of 6 ft. wherever possible and activities that are not conducive to the required 6 feet of physical distancing will be limited throughout the day. 
    • We request that players space equipment accordingly to prevent close contact.
    • No Handshakes or group celebrations and spirit circles

    Update on Masks Requirements

    We will be following USAU's new mask protocols they recently issued which states that all on-field participants (e.g., players, coaches, observers) will be provided with the option to report their vaccination status as part of the event registration process (or testing status).

    a. On-field participants who provide proof of completed vaccination (i.e., two weeks after final dose) will not be required to wear a mask on the field of play, unless otherwise required by state or local regulations.

    b. On-field participants who submit proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test will not be required to wear a mask on the field of play, unless otherwise required by state or local regulations. The test must have been performed within 72 hours of the start of the event and submitted prior to participation.

    c. On-field participants who do not meet the criteria in 2a or 2b above may participate provided they wear a mask when on the field.
    The option to provide proof of complete vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test will be a part of each player's USAU membership profile and we will be checking registration via the USAU event rosters of participating teams and individuals. Players and/or teams that don’t comply with these or other event rules are subject to removal from the event.


    STEP 1: Log in to your USAU Membership Profile 
    STEP 2: Click "View/Edit Your Information"
    Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 3.40.39 PM.png
    STEP 3: On the second tab (after clicking Next >) to get to "2. Personal Information" fill in COVID-19 Vaccination Status section in the lower right corner:  
    Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 3.41.51 PM.png
    Remember to click "UPLOAD PICTURE" after you've chosen your file.


    For the negative COVID-19 PCR test that was taken within 72 hours of the start of the event. ***NOTE: the test must be a PCR test, not an antigen (AKA rapid) test. 

    For this event that means your test must have been conducted AFTER 9:00 am on Wednesday, Sept 1, 2021. 


    Once you have your results, please submit this form to upload results (test submitted with a date prior to Wednesday will be invalid)and upload a picture or screenshot of your results. Results must include your name, date of test, that it was a PCR test, and the negative result. If your result is positive, you are not to attend and should quarantine. While we hope that Spirit of the Game extends to your honesty in filling this form out, any uploaded images that are found to have been altered or forged will result in immediate ejection from the tournament as well as potential suspension from future events.

    The safety of our players, their communities, and the communities in which we host events are of the utmost importance. Playing ultimate is a privilege, one that we can only participate in if we work together to ensure each other's health and safety.
    A few locations for testing in Colorado - recommended to schedule now: 

    Field Map - Coming Soon


    If you have any questions, please contact the Tournament Directors


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    September 04, 2021 at 9am - September 06, 2021 at 7pm
    Pleasant View - Boulder
    3805 47th St
    Boulder, CO 80301
    United States
    Google map and directions

  • published Volunteers Needed in Blog 2021-06-28 19:04:22 -0600

    Volunteers Needed

    Two great national ultimate tournaments are coming to Aurora, Colorado this July!

    • Colorado Cup - July 10-11
    • Masters National Championships - July 16-18
    • Both at Aurora Sports Park

    We have launched a new volunteer management platform that we hope will help with signing up and communicating. We hope you can join us as we host these events!

    Sign up to volunteer at Colorado Cup

    Sign up to volunteer at Masters Nationals

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  • published Little Big Fridge Partnership in Blog 2021-06-17 11:03:02 -0600

    Little Big Fridge Partnership

    Feed.Serve.Connect OR Sandwiches, Serving, Fridges, OH MY! 

    We invite you to join Little Big Fridge this Summer by volunteering to make sack lunches to stock our fridges or serve a meal 

    Little Big Fridge is a community fridge project in the Denver Metro area that is passionate about helping the community by stocking fridges full of free food supplied by volunteers
    Sign up on the Little Big Fridge Website here:  https://www.littlebigfridge.com/volunteer

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  • published New Mask Protocols in Blog 2021-06-03 17:24:56 -0600

    New Mask Protocols

    USA Ultimate recently issued their new mask protocols based on the latest guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the increasingly positive direction of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.

    Their guidelines are designed to address two primary types of events – local tournaments and events, in which participants are residents of the same state, and national-level tournaments, which include participants from multiple states.

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  • published Cutthroat 2021 Registration in Colorado Cutthroat 2021-05-28 13:24:31 -0600

  • published Aurora Colorado Progress in Blog 2021-05-21 12:11:41 -0600

    Aurora Colorado Progress

    As we move into a more safe and vaccinated reality, and likely tournament season, we want to make sure that the lessons we've been learning from Black Lives Matter and our commitment to racial equity do not get forgotten. We want to center our commitment to our BIPOC community (both local and ultimate) as we return to play in Aurora, Colorado. We also want to uplift the recommendations of a task force of Black players and Aurora community members- it is these recommendations that are informing how we are holding tournaments. This also provides you, our community, with the ability to hold us and USAU accountable to our commitments.  

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  • published COSmic 2021 Tryout Registration in Colorado Cutthroat 2021-05-14 10:33:19 -0600

  • published Cutthroat Tryouts Updates in Blog 2021-05-10 12:02:18 -0600

    Cutthroat Tryouts Updates

    We invite you to sign up today to try out for Cutthroat 2021! Tryouts start this Sunday, May 16th! 


    Colorado Cutthroat is Colorado's premier youth ultimate club program. These teams represent Colorado at the National and regional levels. Players build strong bonds with leaders on other local teams and develop the skills they need to compete at the highest levels of the sport. 

    We are excited to return to play and are sure you are too! We want to assure you that getting back to the fun will not come at the expense of safety. We have undertaken a rigorous "Return to Play Safely" protocol to increase the safety of all players, coaches, and families. These vigorous safety precautions include enhanced sanitation of equipment, program modifications to reduce close contact, social distancing on the sidelines, and more (full list of protocols).

    Players develop together over the summer, during an intense practice each week led by expert coaches around Colorado. On top of training players to excel in knowledge, skills, and Spirit of the Game, coaches also teach Character Development based on the Cutthroat Code: Character, Community, and Competition.


    Colorado Cutthroat is based on 3 tenets:

    • Character: Cutthroat players treat ourselves, our teammates, our opponents, our coaches, and all others with respect. We hold ourselves to high spirit of the game standards as teams and individuals, and work to represent ourselves, our team, and our state in the most positive light.
    • Community:  Cutthroat is a close and caring community. We take care of each other, emotionally and physically. We work to bring new members into our community and support the development of everyone within our community.
    • Competition: As the elite youth club team, we are competitive. Regardless of who we play or what the score, we are constantly pushing ourselves and our teammates to play as competitively as possible

    Contact Cutthroat Director


    Youth Club Championships (YCC) is a national tournament that takes place in early August in Minnesota. Participating cities each send a boys’, girls’, and mixed team. 


    Playing for one of Colorado’s YCC teams is an incredible experience. You get to play alongside some of the best youth Ultimate players from around the Denver/Boulder metro area. The coaching corps are highly experienced, passionate, and dedicated (and most of ‘em still play ultimate pretty darn well, too). The tournament itself is an amazing experience to play high-level ultimate with and against youth from all over the country.


    To prepare for the high level of competition, we practice Thursdays (6 pm-dark) in Lakewood and Sundays (4-7 pm) in Lakewood.

      U20 Boys U20 Girls U20 Mixed U17 Boys U15
            Harvey Park
    Wash Heights   Wash Heights   Wash Heights
    Wash Heights

    Monthly Scrimmages

    Wash Heights TBD  

    We are also providing multiple opportunities for players to develop cohesion before the Youth Club Championships! The big opportunities are:

    • 6/19-6/20: Summer Solstice at Stenger Soccer Complex in Arvada (U-20 Boys, Mixed, and Girls)
    • 7/10-11: Colorado Cup Classic division (U-20 Boys, Mixed, and Girls)
    • 8/07-8/09: Youth Club Championships in Blaine, MN with travel on 7/31 (Girls, U20 Boys, and U17 Boys)
    • Date TBD: Club Sectionals (U-20 Mixed and Boys)*

    * Practices between YCC and Club sectionals (2 months) will be once a week on Sundays

    Also, most YCC team members play in the Denver or Boulder Youth League.


    This is a tryout series, and players are expected to make all tryouts (unless excused by Coach Hannah). This allows coaches to get the most well-rounded look at players' skills and abilities.

    • Location: Location has changed- we will be at Washington Heights for all events (tryouts and practices)
    • U17 Update: Currently we are lacking in numbers. Please invite friends you want to play with. We will likely not be doing tryouts- this is a great opportunity to develop your skills and get to know players on other teams!
    • Girls: Currently numbers are lacking. We will be having monthly clinics (more info to come!). Read more about our mixed team below! 
    • Mixed: We will be having a mixed team with awesome coaches, Ari Nelson and Thomas Echols
    • U15 Fry: With U17 delayed, we will plan to just to straight into our first official practice on Thursday, May 27th, 6 pm at Washington Heights Park. Fry's head coach will be Cruz Alvarez-Machado. Practices will be Tuesdays at Harvey Park and Thursdays at Wash Heights at 6 pm. 

    FOR U20 Boys Tryouts on Sunday (all others are delayed… read above)

    1. Remember- tryouts are at Washington Heights Park (6375 W 1st Ave., Lakewood)... seriously, Wash Heights (park in the gravel lot near the art center)
    2. Be cleated and ready to run by 4 pm 



    This season the cost to participate in Cutthroat U17 Boys, U20 Boys, and U20 Girls will be $650, Cutthroat Mixed and U15 costs $350. The bulk of this cost comes from travel expenses and lodging for our three traveling tournaments and the cost of fields. AYU believes that all players should have access to participate, and there are opportunities to apply for financial aid. If you need this, please make sure to note this in your registration.

    Also, this year we are partnering with Sports Refund, a low-cost sports fee insurance that reimburses your registration fees if your athlete becomes injured or sick and can’t play.

    Sports Refund coverage:

    • Reimburses 100% of registration fees for time lost
    • Includes athletes diagnosed with COVID-19
    • Extends both on and off the court
    • Relieves pressure on your child to hide or downplay injuries
    • Has fast, easy sign-up and simple, stress-free claims

    The best part? Sports Refund’s individual rate is just 4.25% of fees, providing low-risk peace of mind for your family. If they can’t play, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

    To learn more or sign up for Sports Refund

    Contact Cutthroat Director

    Read more

  • published Sponsor Solstice 2021 2021-05-06 14:02:32 -0600

    Sponsor Solstice 2021

    Colorado Ultimate disc organizations are banding together to build back better with this 7v7 ONE TEAM Summer Solstice tune-up tournament!

    This event on June 19-20, 2021 at Stenger Soccer Complex in Arvada, Colorado will be the first "major" Ultimate tournament held in Colorado since before COVID restrictions. 

    We invite you and your business to be part of the excitement of this tournament!

    We are expecting around 25-30 teams from around Colorado and a few more from out of state.  

    There will also be a Juneteenth Celebration held at fields following games on Saturday, June 19 - details to come.

    All proceeds from this event will go into a newly founded Colorado Ultimate Fund to advance playing opportunities throughout the state!




      $1,000 $500 $250 $100
      Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
    Name, Logo & Link on Event Page on AYU and USAU site in Sponsors Section X X X X
    Name, Logo & Link Included in Tournament Player and Spectator Guide X X X X
    Banner Graphic (200px tall x 600px wide) Included in All Emails to Players and Spectators X X X  
    Full-width Banner Graphic (250px tall x 1250px wide) on Event Page on AYU and USAU site in Sponsors Section X X X  
    Flyers or Handouts Displayed at Tournament Central* X X X  
    Signage, Banner or Flag Place near Tournament Central* X X X  
    Logo on Event Shirts (sold to participants and spectators) X X X  
    Presence at Event - Tent or Table X X    
    Branded Stickers* on the Championship Field Scoreboard X      

    Additional Sponsorship Options:

    • Sponsor a Field: $150 to have your Branded Sticker on a Non-championship Field Scoreboard
    • Material Donations to be Included in Event Raffle - the value of goods to match Sponsorship Levels
      • All Players to Receive One Raffle Ticket with the Option to Purchase More Tickets to Win Donated Items.
    • Champions Sponsor: Let's discuss a prize to be offered to the winners of each division
    • Juneteenth Celebration Sponsor: Let's discuss how your company can be a part of the celebration
    • Custom Sponsorship Agreements can be arranged on a case by case basis

    * Sponsor to provide all materials to be distributed or displayed including flyers, handouts, signage, banner, or flags.


    Colorado's disc organizations include:

    Altitude Youth Ultimate (AYU)

    Colorado Springs Ultimate Network (CSUN) 

    CORE Ultimate

    Denver Summer Ultimate League (DSUL)

    Fort Collins Ultimate (FCU)

    Grass Roots Ultimate (GRU)

    Mile High Ultimate (MHU)

  • published Tournament Registration for Club Players 2021-05-06 01:02:38 -0600

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  • published COSmic 2021 Registration in COSmic Club Ultimate 2021-04-18 23:29:54 -0600

  • published Colorado Fry 2021 2021-04-18 22:29:33 -0600

  • published COSmic Club Ultimate in Play 2021-04-06 10:42:42 -0600

    COSmic Club Ultimate

    We know parents want their kids to be outside and active in the summer, especially when Covid-19 hinders any semblance of “normalcy” (we’re in the same boat). And we know Ultimate players want to grow in their experience and skill of the sport.

    The problem is there’s not much in place to meet the needs and wants of both new and veteran Ultimate players. We understand how discouraging it is for new players to feel overwhelmed on an experienced team, and we understand how frustrating it is for veteran players to feel held back on a new team. So instead, they go do their less-than-desired “option B” summer activity (or to every parent’s horror - endless hours of video games), which leads to even less opportunity for the few kids left to play Ultimate.

    But we believe every player deserves a team and coaches that help them grow at the appropriate skill level. That’s why we’ve created COSmic Club - Colorado Springs’ premier youth Ultimate club program that finds the right fit for every player and all skill levels, so everyone has fun.

    Here’s how you do it:

    1. Register for the COSmic Club Ultimate program.

    2. Attend the Team Placement Combine on Sunday, May 16 from 4-6 pm at Goose Gossage Park.

    3. Elevate your play and compete at higher levels of Ultimate.

    So, register today for COSmic Club, and in the meantime, sign up for any or all of the Pre-Season Clinics to get a taste of the summer club season! Families can stop worrying about summer plans and players can finally be challenged and developed at their skill level.

    Register for 2021 COSmic Club

    It is important to us at AYU that no one be excluded from participating in any event we sponsor because they're facing financial challenges with the registration fees. If you need financial assistance, use this form to register.

    The Details

    The COSmic Club program is for ages 11-19 of any skill level. We focus on developing skills and character to compete at the highest levels of play. The season runs from mid-May to mid-August (12 weeks).

    Players attend the Team Placement Combine on Sunday, May 16 from 4-6 pm at Goose Gossage Park (Mark Dabling Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907) to determine placement on either the Academy or Elite team. Practices are Thurs/Sun for the Academy team (starting May 20) and Tues/Thurs/Sun for the Elite team (starting May 18) from 4-6 pm at Goose Gossage Park.

    Participation in COSmic Club costs $225 for Academy and $425 for Elite. We plan on attending a few tournaments dependent upon Covid-19 conditions, most notably Youth Club Championships (YCC) in Blaine, MN in August for the Elite team.

    Register for 2021 COSmic Club

    Pre-Season Clinics

    See if COSmic Club is right for you by signing up for any or all four of our Pre-Season Clinics on Sundays, April 11, 18, 25, and May 2 at Goose Gossage Park from 2-4 pm.

    Meet the coaches, play with future teammates, and start developing your Ultimate skills before the season even starts.

    Our coaching staff has 30+ years of coaching experience and 40+ years of Ultimate combined. So it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or a veteran player - these clinics are tailored to all skill levels.

    Parents, you are also welcome and encouraged to stay and watch any or all of the Pre-Season Clinics. Most of our coaches are parents, too, so we understand the great amount of trust you need to be comfortable sending your kids to a new activity or program.

    Still on the fence? How does FREE sound? Yup - we’re offering these Pre-Club Clinics for absolutely FREE. While Ultimate is one of the fastest-growing field sports in America, it is also still very new and unknown. That said, we know you will fall in love with the sport if you simply give it a shot, so we wanted to remove the potential barrier of $$$ to encourage as many families as possible to try out the Pre-Season Clinics and then see if COSmic Club is a good fit!

    Core Values

    1. Character: Players treat everyone with the highest degree of respect, hold themselves to the highest Spirit of the Game standards, and represent the team, city, and state in the most positive light.
    2. Community: COSmic Club takes care of each other. We welcome new players and support the development of everyone within our community.
    3. Competition: As Colorado’s elite youth club team, we are competitive. No matter the opponent or the score, we strive to push ourselves and our teammates to excel.

    Register for 2021 COSmic Club


    • Are you taking any Covid-19 precautions?
    Yes! We have undertaken a rigorous “Return to Play Safely” protocol to increase the safety of all players, coaches, and families. These vigorous safety precautions include enhancing sanitation of equipment, masks, and more (full list of protocols below).
    • What if I can’t afford to play? Is there financial aid available?
    We believe all players should have access to participate and it is important to us at AYU that no one be excluded from participating in any event we sponsor because they're facing financial challenges with the registration fees. If you need financial assistance, use this form to register.
    • What is YCC?
    Youth Club Championships (YCC) is a national tournament that takes place in early August in Minnesota. Participating cities send a boys’, girls’, and mixed team each.
    • Are there tryouts? Can I get cut from the team?
    There are no tryouts in the traditional sense. Rather, COSmic Club will hold a Team Placement Combine that helps coaches determine which team - Academy or Elite - is the best fit for each individual player based on skill level. That said, players are never cut based on skill level.
    • Can girls play?
    YES! On top of a combined 30+ Ultimate coaching experience from middle school all the way to college, coach Emily Woolridge in particular has 10+ years of experience coaching the CC woman’s club team.
    • My kid is brand new to the sport - is this the right fit for brand new players?
    YES! Our academy team is designed to develop players in the sport of Ultimate from the ground up.
    • Who will be coaching?
    Watch our "Meet the Coaches" video! All coaches are also SafeSport certified and have undergone extensive background checks.

    Have more questions? Contact our COSmic Club Director

    Register for 2021 COSmic Club

    Sign up for 2021 Pre-Season Clinics

  • published 2021 DENVER BOULDER YOUTH SUMMER LEAGUES! in Blog 2021-04-05 13:55:16 -0600


    All COVID19 Distancing and Mask Guidelines will be in place!

    -Dates and times for Denver and Boulder (Age 14 to 19) Youth Summer leagues are as follows: 


    Tuesday Nights at Daniel Schaefer Athletic Complex 9750 W. Hampden Ave. Denver, Co. 80235

    June 8th to July 27th.The games start at 7 PM.

    Cost $110. Registration Due May 15th.

    Registration Form for Denver


    JUNE  9th to July 28th. Games start at 7 PM

    The Four JUNE Wednesday Nights will be at Manhattan School of the Arts

    290 Manhattan Drive Boulder, CO 80303

    The Four July Wednesday Nights are at Platt Middle School 6096 Baseline Rd. Boulder, Co. 80303

    Registration Form for Boulder

    Cost: $110. Registration Due May 15th.

    If a Player wants to Register for Both U19 Leagues the Total cost is $155. 

    Info, Registrations, and USAU Medical Authorization forms can be obtained by contacting Buzz at [email protected],

    Medical Authorization Form



    Read more

  • published AYU Middle School Club Program in Blog 2021-03-02 15:14:26 -0700

    AYU Middle School Club Program


    The Spring 2021 Middle School Tournament will be held at Long Lake Regional Park on May 15, 2021. 

    Games will start at 9a until around 3p.

    We expect a total of 11 teams across two divisions - A (6 teams) & B (5 teams).

    Official schedules will be sent to coaches the week leading up to the tournament.

    We ask that players, coaches, or spectators do not attend if feeling sick. 

    Click here to view the guidelines we will be following for COVID-19.

    Denver Waldorf Player Registration

    AYU Club Player Registration


    We had heard from multiple parents that Middle Schools had decided not to run any sports programs this spring, so AYU is launching a new local club program for local middle schoolers looking for playing opportunities throughout the front range!

    The program begins the week of April 5th with two “practices” per week, culminating with a club “tournament” the weekend of May 15th. Each district will at least one boys and girls teams led by a district coordinator and at least two coaches - additional coaches will be added if needed. We will try to have a total of 12 practices so there is a week "buffer" in case of weather cancelations and/or missed practices to be determined by each district coordinator.

    The cost will be $245 that will cover coaches, fields, USAU membership, and admin with each player to receive one disc and one AYU reversible. There will be an additional $25 for the tournament.

    Tournament on Saturday, May 15th

    Age limits:
    Max age 'must not turn 15 before June 1, 2021
    Min age must be in 5th grade this year 

    Read more

  • published Supporting AYU in Blog 2021-02-22 15:19:28 -0700

    Supporting AYU

    After a challenging 2020 is so many way, we will be back this year to provide as many leagues, camps, clinics, tournaments, and community programs as we can for as many kids as possible. We ask you to please support AYU's vital work by linking your King Soopers and Amazon Smile accounts and by showing your support through our Colorado ONE Team gear from Breakmark.

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