Cutthroat 2021 Registration

Congratulations on being offered a position on Cutthroat!

At this time, we will be attending 2-3 tournaments: 
  • Summer Solstice in Arvada: June 19-20 (U20 Boys & Mixed)
  • Possibly Colorado Cup: July 10-11 (U20 Boys & Mixed)
  • Youth Club Championships in Blaine, MN: Aug. 6-9 (U20 Boys)
  • Club Sectionals in Arvada: Sept. TBD (U20 Mixed)
Dues for U20 Boys are currently $700. This includes: 
  • Fields
  • Coaches Travel
  • Small Coach Stipend (players will have about 20 3-hour practices, possible mini-camp, weekend-long tournaments, days off from work to coach, etc)
  • Financial Aid for Players in Need (the more players we can support, the stronger we are as a program)
  • Tournament Dues
  • Food at Tournaments
  • Logistics
  • Supplies
  • Cutthroat Disc
  • Cutthroat Swag
  • Travel in MN
  • Lodging in MN
Players and families are financially responsible for:
  • Jerseys (returning players do not need to buy new ones if they already have them) A full set ~$70
  • Food at tournaments (~$10/meal)
  • Travel to and From tournaments (Utah and MN) (~$200 for Utah and ~$300 for MN)

Dues for other teams:

  • U20 Mixed: $375
  • U17 Boys: $300 + $400 if going to YCC

Player information

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Players will be responsible for fulfilling 3 scorekeeping shifts at Colorado Cup (July 10-11) or Masters Nationals (July 16-19). If you cannot fulfill 3 shift, we have an option to pay an additional $50 below. We will be sending additional information regarding shift options and responsibilities when we have more details on volunteer needs.

It is important to us at AYU that no one be excluded from participating in any event we sponsor because they're facing financial challenges with the registration fees. If you need financial assistance, use this form to register.



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