Colorado Cutthroat

Colorado Cutthroat is Colorado's premier youth ultimate club program. These teams represents Colorado at the Youth Club Championship national tournament (held in Minnesota in early August every year). These players get training over the summer from expert coaches in Colorado who carry a high level of experience and knowledge. On top of training players to excel in knowledge, skills, and spirit of the game, coaches also teach Character Development based on the Cutthroat Code.

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Colorado Cutthroat is based on 3 tenets:

  • Character: Cutthroat players treat ourselves, our teammates, our opponents, our coaches, and all others with respect. We hold ourselves to high spirit of the game standards as teams and individuals, and work to represent ourselves, our team, and our state in the most positive light.
  • Community:  Cutthroat is a close and caring community. We take care of each other, emotionally and physically. We work to bring new members into our community and support the development of everyone within our community.
  • Competition: As the elite youth club team, we are competitive. Regardless of who we play or what the score, we are constantly pushing ourselves and our teammates to play as competitively as possible

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Youth Club Championships (YCC) is a national tournament that takes place early August in Minnesota. Participating cities each send a boys’, girls’, and mixed team. We’re looking to send a U16 team this year, too.


Playing for one of Colorado’s YCC teams is an incredible experience. You get to play alongside some of the best youth Ulimate players from around the Denver/Boulder metro-area. The coaching corps are highly experienced, passionate, and dedicated (and most of ‘em still play ultimate pretty darn well, too). The tournament itself is an amazing experience to play high-level ultimate with and against youth from all over the country.


To prepare for the high level of competition, we practice Thursdays (4:30-7:30) in Lakewood, and Sunday (4-7pm) in Lakewood (with a few special practices in Castle Rock!).

We are also providing multiple opportunities for players to develop cohesion before the Youth Club Championships! The big opportunities are:

  • 6/01-6/02 (tentative date): Weekend Team Bonding Mini Camp Practice (Colorado Springs)
  • 6/22-6/23: Summer Solstice (CSU campus in Fort Collins)
  • 6/28-6/29: Youth Quake in Utah
  • 8/02-8/05: Youth Club Championships (Blaine, MN)

Also, most YCC team members play in the Denver or Boulder Youth League.


Tryouts for 2019 season have already taken place.


This season the cost to participate in Cutthroat will be around $650. The bulk of this cost comes from travel expenses and lodging for our three traveling tournaments and the cost of fields. AYU believes that all players should have access to participating, and there are opportunities to apply for financial aid. If you need this, please make sure to note this in your registration

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