Colorado Ultimate ONE TEAM Summer Solstice

19 – 20
Sat – Sun

Stenger Soccer Complex in Arvada, CO
Jeff Berget |
Add to Calendar 19-06-2021 09:00:00 20-06-2021 09:00:00 15 Colorado Ultimate ONE TEAM Summer Solstice Tournament Details Divisions:  Club: Mixed & OpenFormat: 7 v. 7, for MIXED, we will be following the USAU 2021 Club Guidelines of 4/3 or 3/4 Ratio and "genzone". PAY Bid Fee Via this... 11200 W 58th Ave, Arvada, CO 80002, United States Jeff Berget [email protected] DD/MM/YYYY

Tournament Details

Divisions:  Club: Mixed & Open
7 v. 7, for MIXED, we will be following the USAU 2021 Club Guidelines of 4/3 or 3/4 Ratio and "genzone". 
PAY Bid Fee Via this page
There will be no Tournament food due to the continued safety concerns of communal food and utensils.

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Let's build back better together with this 7v7 tune-up tournament!

June 19-20, 2021 at Stenger Soccer Complex in Arvada, Colorado

Brought to you through the partnerships of Colorado's disc organizations, including:

Altitude Youth Ultimate (AYU)

Colorado Springs Ultimate Network (CSUN) 

CORE Ultimate

Denver Summer Ultimate League (DSUL)

Fort Collins Ultimate (FCU)

Grass Roots Ultimate (GRU)

Mile High Ultimate (MHU)

Proceeds go toward the formation of the Colorado Ultimate Fund to develop inclusive and equitable playing opportunities and programming throughout Colorado.

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Contact the Tournament Directors

We'll be using the notification app called Remind - day off alerts/notifications will be sent through - you can join through this link or by texting @ayuoneteam to the number 81010.


NOTE: An Affiliate Player Membership is sufficient for this event - be sure to select AYU, Colorado Ultimate when you sign up. If you signed up already for the annual membership, then you are good to go - review your membership profile to confirm that it is active and expires 12/31/2021.


We will require all players to submit a health screening within 18 hours before the start of the event (Friday evening - Saturday morning). To limit gatherings at the water stations, we recommend players bring more water than normal, even as much for themselves as they expect to need for the day - no sharing water bottles. 

Please make sure to download the USAU App (iOS - Android) before Saturday.
We will have a couple of trainers there early.

Formats, Schedules and Maps: Formats, Schedules and Maps will be posted by Friday noon for all divisions

FREE AGENT LIST: Let us know if you are looking for more players or need a team!

Contact the Tournament Directors

There are no Youth or College Divisions but here are the chaperone requirements for any youth teams or any team with youth participating: If a team has a player under 18 they are required to have at least one chaperone on their roster.

  • Must have your Roster Created and Register for Event
  • Must have Chaperone and/or Coach listed (See here for more info)
    1. An approved chaperone has completed the following: 
      • Has an individual USA Ultimate account and Membership.
      • Has signed a USAU liability waiver online
      • Is a minimum of 21 years old
    2. Has completed SafeSport Training
      • To complete SafeSport Training - go to the homepage of your USA Ultimate account.  Towards the top of the page, you will see your SafeSport Status on the right side of the page. This is only available once you have a current membership. The cost of the SafeSport training is now included as a benefit covered by USA Ultimate membership dues.
    3. Has completed a background screening through the National Center for Safety Initiatives (using the specific USA Ultimate criteria set) and received a "green light" (NCSI screening expires after two years)
      • Pass an NCSI Background check (base cost is $21.50 for a two-year duration, some additional costs are added by certain states and counties)
      • Takes an average of 10 business days, so be sure to plan accordingly.
      • NCSI is a provider for many Olympic and non-Olympic sports, and a full partner with the US Olympic Committee's Safe Sport program.
      • You can complete a check or find out the expiration date of your current check through your user account.
      • To start the background screening process, follow these directions.

If you have any questions or issues with rostering your team, please contact the Tournament Directors


Score Reporting

  • Use the USAU App (iOS - Android) to enter game scores
    • Open the App >> click Events >> SUMMER SOLSTICE >> Click Your Division >> Click View Schedule & Scores >> Click the Pencil to Update the Score

All participants must have an up-to-date USA Ultimate membership - an Affiliate Membership is sufficient, chose Affiliate Colorado Altitude Youth Ultimate (AYU) - with signed Release of Liability Waiver, and the Infectious Diseases Waiver.

Looking for a team or need more players? Contact the TDs


The games will start at 9a on both days.
Mixed Division has 13 teams and we're finalizing schedules.
12 Teams in Open (two pools of 6)
Official Schedules will be posted no later than Thursday.
90-minute hard cap with 2-hour rounds. Games to 13, One timeout per half with one floater.
10 minute halftime

Field Maps


The facility manager sent us this regards to dogs at the fields: 
Dogs on leash are welcome – assuming responsible pet owners are cleaning up after their pets.
That said, we would like to keep them off the playing surfaces ( no running around at half time for example).

Key Dates

Team Fee Deadline: Sunday, June 13th at 5 PM
Team Registration on USAU Site Deadline: Sunday, June 13th at 5 PM
Refund Policy: If the tournament is canceled due to COVID-19, all teams will be refunded in full. 
Rostering on USAU Site Deadline: Wednesday, June 17th


We will have Greatest Bags, Layout Gloves, and other merchandise for sale at Tournament Central. Every player registered will also have a chance to win a pair of Layout gloves or beach socks and a Greatest Sky Trainer (stop by HQ to test your vertical)! Donate to Colorado Ultimate or Little Big Fridge for more entries.

​Colorado Concussion Clinic is committed to reducing the long-term health impact of concussion by providing innovative care.

Our clinic is a multi-disciplinary practice focused on delivering comprehensive care for acutely concussed patients. Our services range from concussion diagnosis to concussion symptom management (sleep disturbances, headaches), as well as treatment for more persisting issues including dizziness, loss of balance, and change in cognition. We provide gold standard, evidence-based care for the acutely concussed patient. 

Kona Shaved Ice will be on-site - cool off with a refreshing Shaved Ice treat throughout the day. They will be donating proceeds to the Colorado Ultimate Fund.

Support Ultimate in Colorado and score some swag!  

People loved the design so much, we all agreed to bring this back, offer some additional gear and let people order on a rolling basis. All gear is custom, made to order. It will take about 5 weeks until it is ready to ship to you. 

A percent of all sales go back to Colorado Ultimate 

Order directly from Breakmark >>

They now carry blankets and socks with this design.

Additional Safety Precautions

  • All participants and staff must follow the CDC good hygiene practices:
    • Use hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, or no-rinse soap.
    • Avoid touching your face.
    • Sneeze or cough into a tissue or the inside of your elbow.
  • Athletes, organizers, and coaches will NOT participate if they feel under the weather, sick, or have come in contact with someone that may be sick. 
  • We will have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) and handwashing stations for all participants to use regularly throughout the event.
  • All players, coaches, and spectators should practice social distancing of 6 ft. wherever possible and activities that are not conducive to the required 6 feet of physical distancing will be limited throughout the day. 
  • We request that players space equipment accordingly to prevent close contact.
  • No Handshakes or group celebrations and spirit circles

Update on Masks Requirements

We will be following USAU's new mask protocols they recently issued which states that all participants (e.g., players, coaches, event staff, observers, chaperones, etc.) will be provided with the option to report their vaccination status as part of the event registration process (or testing status).
a. Participants who provide proof of completed vaccination (i.e., two weeks after final dose) will not be required to wear a mask at the event, unless otherwise required by state or local regulations.
b. Participants who submit proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test will not be required to wear a mask at the event, unless otherwise required by state or local regulations. The test must have been performed within 72 hours of the start of the event and submitted prior to participation.
c. Participants who do not meet the criteria in 2a or 2b above may participate provided they wear a mask when at the event.
d. Off-field mask requirements for other event attendees, including but not limited to parents, spectators, media, etc., will be subject to the applicable federal, state or local guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.
The option to provide proof of complete vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test will be a part of each player's USAU membership profile and we will be checking registration via the USAU event rosters of participating teams and individuals. Players and/or teams that don’t comply with these or other event rules are subject to removal from the event.

Notes on Mask Protocol: 

- The masking requirement for non-tested/non-vaccinated individuals is only being applied to on-field situations (in order to address close in-game interactions such as marking).
- The people covered by this requirement will include only players, coaches, and observers. 
- All off-field requirements will defer to state and local guidelines for outdoor sporting events (masks are optional in Colorado in this situation).
- All non-player/coach/observer attendees will defer to state and local guidelines for outdoor sporting events (masks are optional in Colorado in this situation).


STEP 1: Log in to your USAU Membership Profile 
STEP 2: Click "View/Edit Your Information"
Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 3.40.39 PM.png
STEP 3: On the second tab (after clicking Next >) to get to "2. Personal Information" fill in COVID-19 Vaccination Status section in the lower right corner:  
Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 3.41.51 PM.png
Remember to click "UPLOAD PICTURE" after you've chosen your file.


For the negative COVID-19 PCR test that was taken within 72 hours of the start of the event. ***NOTE: the test must be a PCR test, not an antigen (AKA rapid) test. 

For this event that means your test must have been conducted AFTER 9:00 am on Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

Once you have your results, please fill out this form (test submitted with a date prior to Wednesday will be invalid)and upload a picture or screenshot of your results. Results must include your name, date of test, that it was a PCR test, and the negative result. If your result is positive, you are not to attend and should quarantine. While we hope that Spirit of the Game extends to your honesty in filling this form out, any uploaded images that are found to have been altered or forged will result in immediate ejection from the tournament as well as potential suspension from future events.

The safety of our players, their communities, and the communities in which we host events are of the utmost importance. Playing ultimate is a privilege, one that we can only participate in if we work together to ensure each other's health and safety.
A few locations for testing - recommended to schedule now: 

If you have any questions, please contact the Tournament Directors