AYU Volunteer Rewards Program

AYU's Volunteer Reward Programs gives club and college teams the opportunity to raise money for their club by volunteering in the community. AYU will provide a matching grant (up to $500 per year) for donations the team receives from other qualified sources, provided teams contribute a set of volunteer contributions, for which they receive points. The program will run June 2018 thru May 2019.


2018/19 Point Thresholds for Teams

  • 25 points=100% of matching grant
  • 20 points=60% of matching grant
  • 15 points=40% of matching grant

Volunteer Opportunity


Team rep attends initial meeting and is in good communication with AYU Required for program participation

1 point

Coach a youth team
(Coming out at least twice a week to coach and to at least 1 tournament)

4 points

+2 points if they go through USAU Coaching Certification that year
+2 points for each additional tournament they participate in

Host a skills clinic or hat tournament (insured by USAU)

(Must be coordinated with AYU and organized at least a month in advance)

5 points (ineligible if event also raises funds for college team)

+1 point if your program targets under-served communities or female players

Volunteer at an AYU Event
(Incl. Colorado Cup, Masters Nationals, HS Fall States, HS Spring States)

1 point for every 5 hours worked
(1 point in 5 people work 1 hour OR 1 point if 1 person works 5 hours OR another combination)

Become a fully certified observer or instructional observer

3 points

+1 point for every game observed in Colorado

Throughout the year, we will offer other opportunities. These will be shared with your liason.

Have a different youth ultimate volunteering experience?  Let us know about it and we can figure out a point total for the volunteering.

The fine print:

  • The teams rep must attend the Kick-Off Meeting (date TBD)
  • Each player can earn a maximum of 10 points for their team
  • Points can only be earned by players, not coaches or other associated non-players
  • Men's and Women's teams are considered separate teams with separate points and grants
  • A and B teams are not considered separately
  • Grants will match up to $500 of qualified donations teams receive during the program period.
  • Qualified donations include:
    • Monetary donations from parents/boosters/fans or local businesses
    • Donations from team members above and beyond the expected dues
  • Donations that do not qualify include:
    • Funds raised for a tournament or clinic for which you are also getting volunteer points
    • Funds provided to all school club programs at your school/university
    • Profits on team swag sold
    • Value of items donated to teams for raffles/prizes
    • If you have questions about whether or not a donation is qualified, contact the program director
  • In order to receive the matching grant each team must submit a document outlining their volunteering with the following information
    • Names of individuals who volunteered,
    • What tasks each volunteer performed (coach/observe/etc)
    • An AYU representative from AYU who can vouch for their contributions
    • Proof of their donations
  • Grant funds will be awarded in one lump sum at the end of the program period (May 2019)

We recommend working with the program director ongoing to make sure all points are being attributed correctly.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Sign Up for the 2018/19 Volunteer Rewards Program

Note: This point person will be in communication with AYU throughout the process. Failure to do so can mean being dismissed from the program, so choose someone responsible and who is good at responding!