CARE Coaches Training

As we develop more ultimate opportunities in diverse communities, it is necessary that our coaches are given the tools and training to be successful. This means that they need to develop the skills necessary to not only coach ultimate, but also build intercultural relationships that honor and draw from youth’s backgrounds. 

We are providing a two-part series (each session is 2 hours) for future coaches to develop these skills. 

Session 1: Exploring Blindspots in the Blind Side- Pitfalls in Allyship

Held on Monday, January 18th at 5:30-7:30p via Zoom

Participants will use the Blind Side to examine common sympathy traps that even well-meaning coaches can fall into. By examining the way that privilege plays out in our interactions with youth, we will explore biases perpetuated in the media and our own lives. 
* Pre-work for the first session is to watch "The Blind Side", which may be streamed on HBO Max or rented for $3.99 on various platforms. It's also been suggested to read or listen to “The Blind Side” by Michael Lewis.

Session 2: Culturally Responsive Coaching 

Held on Monday, January 25th at 5:30-7:30p via Zoom

Participants will examine their own cultural values and how those impact their coaching. They will use the Culturally Responsive Education framework as a foundation for their own coaching. 

This training developed by Dr. Hannah Matthys.

Hannah leads Equity Diversity and Inclusion for the State, in the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. She also trains and consults with local organizations in her business, Be Brave Diversity.   

Becoming a CARE Certified Coach:

Because working in these communities is a long term commitment (not just a “voluntourism” opportunity to check off your good deed for the year), we want to make sure that coaches are ready to commit. We also want to pay coaches for their work. To do so, here is the process to become a CARE Certified Coach.

  • You pay a $50 deposit now that will be returned once you finish both sessions (note: if the deposit or the cost of the movie is an issue, please email AYU's director of operations, Jimmy Donnellon)
    • NOTE: The deposit is to ensure attendance at both workshops - you must attend both sessions to receive the refund.
  • Once you finish both sessions and turn in your final reflection form you will be a certified CARE Coach
  • CARE Coaches get paid for coaching. Payment depends on the program- but CARE Coaches are given priority on coaching opportunities. CARE Coaching will also go towards COLORADO Volunteer Connect.
Time commitment would be:
2-3 hours: Watch Blind Side and do the pre-work form before the first session 
4 hours: Attend both sessions, Monday, Jan 18 & 25, 5:30-7:30p
1-3 hours: Review your team or a coaching session and fill out the Final Reflection form.


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