Camp Director Bios

Brian Bogle

Teams Played for: University of Colorado Mamabird, Johnny Bravo-Encore-Walker, Santa Barbara Condors, San Francisco JAM (National Champions), Team USA, Misc Coed Teams.
Coaching: Cal-Tech (college), Colorado Wildfire (women's), AYU Summer Camp (youth)
About me: Since I started a "frisbee" club in high school based on the "rules" in a Wham-O box, Ultimate has been a passion for me.  At the time, most players weren't introduced to the game until college or beyond, and it is thrilling for me to watch younger players get the opportunity to learn this sport much earlier than my generation did.  Over 25 years of playing, Ultimate encouraged me to reach my athletic potential, taught me to balance success with sportsmanship, helped create decades-old social bonds, and pushed me to visit new places.  What other experience is as rewarding at 10 years old as it is at 40... and beyond?


AJ Abraham


I am a long time player and educator who has been coaching ultimate for about 7 seasons. Most recently, I've coached the D'Evelyn High School Boys and Mixed Teams, and I am very excited to launch a ladies ultimate program this spring. My coaching philosophy is steeped in mindfulness, spirit of the game, and hard-work. Player development doesn't happen in a vacuum, so adding depth and context to every aspect of the game is a major focus for me. Ultimate has given me so much on and off the field, I consider it an honor to give back to the community. There is no better way to learn, or teach, ultimate than these week-long immersive camps. I coach ultimate because I love it, and I truly consider these camps to be the perfect way to spend my summer!


Jenna Hunt

Teams Played for: University of Northern Colorado Upstream (mixed), University of Denver Women's Hype (women's), Strangers (mixed), Jackwagon (women's), Mesteño (mixed)

Coaching experience: Lakewood Deep C, Arapahoe High School girls

About Jenna:

Jenna fell in love with ultimate frisbee in college after previously participating in individual sports such as swimming, track, skiing and cross country. She loves the camaraderie and physical effort that ultimate frisbee involves, and she enjoys the feeling of succeeding as a part of a group. Although relatively new to coaching ultimate frisbee, Jenna hopes to provide a fun learning environment for young athletes, and hopes to develop in them a love for the sport and a strong understanding of the word "teamwork."


Zachary A. Trendelman


Teams Played for: Eastern Illinois Reapers [before official], Spikes Peak (mixed), Syndicate (Open), High Mileage (Open Masters).

Coaching Experience: CIVA Charter School, Coronado High School

About Zac:

Zac has a long history of coaching a variety of sports over the past two decades. As a Math Teacher, he has had the opportunity to coach in several different sports. His history as a competitive swimmer in High School and College and heavy involvement in education gives him a unique perspective in coaching Ultimate. Zac is extremely passionate about Ultimate and eager to share multifaceted experiences with the youth of the game. The sport of Ultimate promotes team chemistry and respect for others like no other. These skills translate so easily to real-life skills, learn how to build up the people around you, and just ride the momentum! 


Miranda Markland

Playing experience: Missoula Zoo (mixed), Concordia College Valhalla (open), Force Collins (mixed), Shame. (mixed), Trainwreck (women’s).

Coaching experience: Preston Middle School (Fort Collins), Fossil Ridge High school (Fort Collins), City of Fort Collins Youth Rec League, and Youth director for Fort Collins Ultimate.

About Miranda:

Miranda’s ultimate career is a product of grass-roots efforts in Missoula, Montana- local club players partnered with schools to get teens playing ultimate after school.  Since becoming a French teacher, Miranda has sought to start up similar ultimate programs in every school she has worked at.  She coached the Fossil Ridge Phantoms when they won in the spirit division at their first tournament and has brought Preston Middle School to the CO state championships for the last 3 years, including in Fall 2018 when they brought 2 teams and took 1st place, 3rd place and the Spirit Award at the tournament.  In her coaching, Miranda emphasizes the joy of playing over winning, sportsmanship over scoring points, and a positive attitude over perfection.  Her dream is to establish a robust youth ultimate presence in Fort Collins!


Jason Brask


Started Playing: 1989

Teams Played for: D.U.F (Florida State Univ.). Various Phoenix teams, Johnny Bravo-Encore-Walker, Misc Coed Teams.

Coaching: 1998-2014 Broomfield H.S. Middle School Basketball 2000-2012, YCC Girls (The Brenna Year) YCC U17 2017. USA Summer Camp Director 2014-present.

There is no other sport that combines the Intensity, grace, skill, speed, accountability and freedom of Ultimate. To not expose succeeding generations to this game would be wrong. Kind of like how disappointing it was that Luke refused to give Rey the proper instruction in what the force was all about. Camps are growing and evolving at a fantastic pace. It is super exciting to envision the possibilities of larger groups learning at a faster pace from increasingly accomplished counselors. I can't wait to see what the next generation brings to this game!


Rodrigo Gould

Soy Rodrigo Gould, nacido en Colombia, tengo 24 años y he jugado ultimate frisbee alrededor de 9 años. Empece a jugar en un campamento universitario y después se convirtió en mi estilo de vida. Mi mayor logro fue hace dos años al ser campeón del Campeonato panamericano de ultimate frisbee en Sarasota, Florida. Ahora que vivo en Denver tengo como objetivo poder jugar con un equipo profesional y poder enseñar el deporte a los jovenes.

Coaching: Autonomous university, Furia ultímate Club 
Teams: Comunidad el Oso , Metate Ultímate Club , Arena Roja ultímate