Camp Director Bios

Jason Brask


Started Playing: 1989

Teams Played for: D.U.F (Florida State Univ.). Various Phoenix teams, Johnny Bravo-Encore-Walker, Misc Coed Teams.

Coaching: 1998-2014 Broomfield H.S. Middle School Basketball 2000-2012, YCC Girls (The Brenna Year) YCC U17 2017. USA Summer Camp Director 2014-present.

There is no other sport that combines the Intensity, grace, skill, speed, accountability and freedom of Ultimate. To not expose succeeding generations to this game would be wrong. Kind of like how disappointing it was that Luke refused to give Rey the proper instruction in what the force was all about. Camps are growing and evolving at a fantastic pace. It is super exciting to envision the possibilities of larger groups learning at a faster pace from increasingly accomplished counselors. I can't wait to see what the next generation brings to this game!


AJ Abraham


I am a long time player and educator who has been coaching ultimate for about 7 seasons. Most recently, I've coached the D'Evelyn High School Boys and Mixed Teams, and I am very excited to launch a ladies ultimate program this spring. My coaching philosophy is steeped in mindfulness, spirit of the game, and hard-work. Player development doesn't happen in a vacuum, so adding depth and context to every aspect of the game is a major focus for me. Ultimate has given me so much on and off the field, I consider it an honor to give back to the community. There is no better way to learn, or teach, ultimate than these week-long immersive camps. I coach ultimate because I love it, and I truly consider these camps to be the perfect way to spend my summer!


Conan Wallace

Conan started playing Ultimate 20 years ago while attending Ball State University. Since his time playing in college, he has played with multiple coed and men’s teams in the Colorado Springs area over the last 14 years. He founded the program at Widefield High School during the initial year of high school Ultimate in Colorado Springs and coached the team for 7 seasons. While initially being drawn to Ultimate for the competition, Conan soon found the Ultimate community to be one of his favorite aspects of the sport. For him, Ultimate is the best combination of athletic skill, competition, and community. He looks forward to helping the next generation of players to reaching their full potential on and off the field.