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Marshall Fire Support for AYU Families

Marshall Fire Support for AYU Families Donation Page List AYU Community and Friends,    There are no words that can truly express the sorrow felt for all the families impacted by the recent fires.     The AYU Community is strong and close-knit. If you or your family have been impacted in the recent tragedy, please don't hesitate to reach out. There are many in the Colorado Ultimate Community ready to give aid.    If you feel like making a monetary donation to an Ultimate family in need, please click on the donation page link. There you will find a list of Ultimate players and/or their families that have lost their homes to the fire, including their GoFundMe page to donate to. If you know another Ultimate family or player not yet listed, please contact Mike Richard via email at [email protected] to get them added.    If you would prefer to donate to an organization that will help everyone, there are also links to vetted organizations included.    For a helpful resource on how to speak to your kids or youth about the tragedy, and for other ideas or ways to help, please take a second to read this article written by a fellow Ultimate player/Boulder High Ultimate Coach, Stanley Ly.  9 Ways to Support a Friend or Colleague Who Lost Their Home to a Fire     Stanley Ly (he, him, his) is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program at University of Colorado Boulder. In 2014, he provided psychological first aid to individuals affected by the floods in Boulder County. Since 2007, he has worked with sexual assault survivors, youth with neurological disabilities, individuals experiencing psychiatric emergencies in hospitals, jails, and the community. AYU is grateful to have someone with his knowledge to lean on.    Take care and see you soon, AYU Continue reading

AYU Welcomes Mike Richard as Operations Manager

We are pleased to welcome, Mike Richard, as the AYU Operations Manager! Mike is AYU's second full-time employee and will be responsible for managing the logistics for summer camps and other youth programs, along with assisting in delivering quality tournaments, developing resources and new programs, and expanding our effectiveness in serving the Colorado ultimate community. Continue reading

Colorado Gives Day 2021

Colorado Gives Day* is coming up on December 7th, and we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of what your donation to AYU helps support. Schedule Your Donation Today to Help Support our Work Continue reading

Cutthroat 2022 Winter Clinics for Boys and Girls

Are you a current Cutthroat player and want to begin to prepare for the season? Want to have more of an impact on the team this year? Are you interested in trying out for the Cutthroat team this summer and want an edge? Come to our Cutthroat Winter Clinics! You will receive coaching from the Cutthroat coaches, local club and college coaches, and nationally recognized coaches! The focus will be on individual knowledge and skills, so that you can hone up your own game, regardless of whether you are a veteran player or someone interested in preparing for tryouts! REGISTER TODAY Continue reading

2022 Denver/Boulder Youth Winter Indoor League!

All 6 weeks are from 10 to 11 AM this coming year ( 2022) at Foothills Sports Arena, Sundays Jan. 9th to Feb. 13th.  Ages 14 to 19. League fee is going from $115 to $120 this year. Each Sunday Morning Sports Group at the Foothills Sports Arena purchased 15 more minutes per week for easier set up and breakdown. Apologizing right away to the Boulder Crew because of the distance away, but at least there's more time to travel on Sundays. Last Winter With COVID we adjusted to Skills and Drills, and eventually got back to scrimmaging and games. It was still tons of fun. For 2022 I’m anticipating being back with 8 Full teams and a full League game schedule. If you are Fully Vaccinated- no mask is Required. To avoid getting placed on a waiting list at the last minute, I suggest getting registrations and payments mailed in ahead of time. This is League Based (non-instructional) and Co-ed.  The League fee includes a jersey and disc.  Come on out, keep the skills sharp, and have some fun!  Registrations and Med. Forms are due by December 4th, 2021! 2022 USAU memberships required! Memberships and Renewal are usually available at usaultimate.org in December for a discounted rate. Make sure you wait till 2022 USAU memberships are available before getting a membership and signing Online Waivers. (Usually in December) When: Sunday Mornings January 9th to February 13th, 2021 – 10 to 11 AM Where: Foothills Sports Arena, 3608 S. Kipling Parkway, Denver, Co. 80235 Cost: $120 - includes League Jersey & Disc  Ages: 14 to 19 Co-Ed Previous Playing Experience Recommended Games: Two 25 minute games every Sunday 5 v 5 Fields: 25 yds. By 45 Yds., Three Total Fields Required: Current USAU Membership and Online Waivers signed for 2022, and USAU Medical Authorization Forms filled out by Parents. **For USAU Memberships wait until the 2022 memberships are available (Usually December) Registrations Due December 4th, 2021 Questions: Contact  Buzz Ellsworth at 303-552-6516 or [email protected] REGISTRATION FORM MED FORM - USAU Med forms must be filled out by parents of players under 18! Everything is MAIL-IN! Continue reading

Sept. 2021 Newsletter

September 2021 Newsletter sent Sept. 22. Don't miss the next newsletter - sign up here. Ultimate has returned to action after one of the most difficult years in memory. Summer camps, local and national tournaments, our youth club teams, Cutthroat and COSmic, and re-formed adult, college and high school club teams—all make things feel more normal. Still, we want to acknowledge what we have been through together, to keep each other and our broader communities safe and healthy, and to make our organization and activities wiser and better as we move forward. In just the past few months we’ve seen laws restricting reproductive rights and voting access in Texas, as well as the Colorado Attorney General’s ruling confirming racist policing in Aurora. These are only two examples of where ultimate and the broader world intersect. (Please see these links for more information on how the Ultimate communities have reacted to these events: Texas |Aurora). Please consider the opportunities below to join us in helping grow Ultimate and making the sport an engine for a more just and equitable world. Our Altitude Board is incredibly appreciative of our community and sport! Thank you all! YouthFall Middle School PlayCongrats to YCC TeamsThanks to VolunteersDon't Miss Out on Playing OpportunitiesUpcoming events and important dates AdultPosition Openings with AYU Part-time Community Organizer Full-time Operations Manager Board Positions Youth Coaches More Links & Dates   Continue reading

Congrats to YCC Teams

Cutthroat U20 breaks seed at the Youth Club Championships in Blaine, Minnesota earlier this month finishing 6th and second in the division in Spirit rankings! Continue reading

Fall Middle School Play

The primary focus for Middle School play this fall will be school-based - check this link here for schools that historically have teams and their contacts to see if your school has a program. Also, let us know if your middle school has an ultimate team that’s looking for some fun playing time this fall - send us an email to be added to the Team Finder list to set up inter-school games/scrimmages. Continue reading

Middle School Fall Season

The primary focus for Middle School play this fall will be school-based - check this link here for schools that historically have teams and their contacts to see if your school has a program. Also, let us know if your middle school has an ultimate team that’s looking for some fun playing time this fall - send us an email to be added to the Team Finder list to set up inter-school games/scrimmages. We will be hosting a One-Day Fall Tournament coming up in November! To provide playing opportunities to kids without a school program while allowing schools to host their own practices and teams, AYU will be hosting middle school scrimmage days throughout the front range. These scrimmage days will consist of one hour of coach-led drills and skills development followed by one hour of gameplay.  Continue reading

Little Big Fridge Partnership

Feed.Serve.Connect OR Sandwiches, Serving, Fridges, OH MY!  We invite you to join Little Big Fridge this Summer by volunteering to make sack lunches to stock our fridges or serve a meal  Little Big Fridge is a community fridge project in the Denver Metro area that is passionate about helping the community by stocking fridges full of free food supplied by volunteersSign up on the Little Big Fridge Website here:  https://www.littlebigfridge.com/volunteer Continue reading