Altitude Ultimate is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to developing athletes and promoting youth participation in Ultimate Frisbee teams, leagues, tournaments, camps, and clinics across the Front Range, Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain West.

With a focus on equitable access and spirited play, Altitude Ultimate aims to foster opportunities to participate in all levels of competition; provide a clearinghouse of resources for coaches, players, parents, and fans; and serve as a stable, sustainable organization that grows and strengthens the ultimate community in the region.


AYU is run by a volunteer board, made up of experienced Ultimate frisbee players and coaches dedicated to addressing the needs and goals of the Ultimate community in Colorado.



Jeff started playing Ultimate at Overland HS in ‘96. He attended Colorado School of Mines and started the team there in‘97. After college he played on teams including Sack Lunch, Johnny Bravo and Mesteno and most recently played with Johnny Encore (who won a Bronze medals in the 2014 and 2018 World Games and a National Title in 2017 ) and now currently on Johnny Walker (Won Gold in the Pan Am games in 2019). He has worked in the Colorado Youth Ultimate scene since 2001 and Coached Lakewood HS from 2001 to 2006 (two state titles), several seasons of YCC coaching, and has been running the state championship tournaments (fall and spring) for over 15 years. Jeff has most recently taken over organizing and running the Summer Camp Program (since 2018) and has been helping run and grow the Middle School community (since 2018). He is currently running the McAuliffe MS Ultimate Program where his two children attend.


Denver/Boulder Summer Leagues

Buzz started playing Ultimate at U Mass Amherst in the fall of 1980, and has been promoting youth Ultimate at many levels for over three decades. He ran the Denver Summer Youth Ultimate League since 2004, and has grown the league from 60 players to 120 in Denver. Buzz also started a Boulder division and grew that league from 34 to 125 players. Buzz also runs the Youth Club Championship program which now sends four competitive teams to Blaine Minnesota each summer. He has also been a coach for the YCC program in both the Boys U19 and U16 divisions.


Secretary/Cutthroat Program Director

Hannah joined the ultimate team at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire as a way to recover after an ACL surgery. She quickly fell in love with the sport and continued playing during graduate school for Kali, and has continued to play for a number of mixed and women’s club teams. She started coaching ultimate in the spring of 2011, coaching both the Boulder-Fairview girls team (the Zingers) and the first ever YCC Boys B-team. Hannah is currently coaching at Lakewood (since fall 2011), coaching the YCC mixed team, and serving as the USAU State Youth Outreach Coordinator.



Phil discovered ultimate at Williams College, where he encountered Rude Boy, Finlay Waugh, and the first high school coach he had ever seen: David “Buzz” Ellsworth. He played on Open club teams in Colorado and DC as well as in Germany and the Caribbean. He has continued to play in local leagues and in the Masters and Grandmasters divisions, mostly with Old and in the Way. Phil began coaching high school in 1996, when a handful of schools scheduled informal games. Phil has coached college and club teams, but his steadiest gigs are with the ultimate teams at Jefferson County Open School (where he teaches) and with the Colorado Cutthroat YCC teams. His children, Ben, Lisi and Will, share a love of this great game!


Vice President

Pogo started her ultimate career as a graduate student at CU-Boulder, joining the women’s team Kali for three trips to the semi-finals at nationals during her four-year stint on the team. She played on Rare Air from 2005-2008 (captaining for two years), before helping launch Molly Brown in 2009. She retired from Club ultimate in 2011. Pogo has coached girls and mixed rosters for East High School, YCC, and multiple clinics starting in 2007, and has attended multiple trainings, clinics, and conferences for coaches in that time, as well.


State Youth Coordinator

Justin is a homegrown Colorado Ultimate player. He played for the Loveland High School Squid Farmers when there were only a few other high school teams in the state. He then migrated to Boulder where he won a National Championship with University of Colorado’s Mamabird. Continuing up the ladder he played six years for Johnny Bravo. Justin currently serves as the USAU Open Division State Youth Coordinator and coaches at Colorado Academy.



Fin has been involved with Ultimate in multiple roles since the mid 70's. Primarily as a player early on (although he founded his college team, at Stanford). Then as a club player, in stints with top teams (one National championship) on the West coast, East coast and playing on the U.S. team in the first world championship in 1983. The level of all that ancient badass play (in cotton T-shirts and shorty shorts) earned him some Hall of Fame consideration. But since moving to Colorado a decade ago, along with some summer league and masters play, he's mostly been involved as a youth coach and organizer. Fin helped one of his daughters (in a family of three kids and wife who all play/played Ultimate) to start a team at Monarch High School in 2004. He has continued to build the program ever since, helping to properly introduce the sport to hundreds of high school boys and girls in Colorado and also field teams that regularly compete for state titles (and some regional ones too), while crafting tons of google docs behind the scenes to keep things organized.