6-Week Mind, Body, Ultimate Program Registration



It is still uncertain when tournaments and play will return but we want to challenge you to use this time to hone your skills and build your mental and physical strength. 

We have brought together three of the best mind, body and ultimate experts in the game to bring you this intensive 6-week program to elevate your game and become the most complete player you can be while we're physically apart.

You get access to the following:

  • Functional Performance Training by Tim Morrill from Morrill Performance.
  • Mental Skills Training by Piers Kowalski from Performance Colorado.
  • Ultimate Skills Training by USA National Team and Johnny Bravo Coach, Joe Durst.

Registration for this 6-week program is $50


  • Access to Morrill Performance training app used to deliver functional training workouts which will include exercise and weight tracking, demo videos, and instructions.
    • Access training app for all resources, exercises, workouts, drills, videos, and links.
    • Track progress and record workouts
    • Text and video instructions for movements and exercises.
    • Interact with other ultimate players in the program
  • Train for when we do return to play.
  • Two Live Q&As with the coaches throughout the program.
  • Weekly challenges.

The program will begin for each individual two days after registration.


Piers Kowalski

Piers dedicates himself to helping individuals and teams unlock their potential and thrive in stressful and demanding conditions. Over the last ten years, Piers has honed his craft by training civilians and soldiers from a wide range of high-stress occupations including U.S. Army Ranger School candidates, nurses and doctors, law enforcement, and firefighters. Staying true to his roots in sports and athletics, Piers is also the mental performance consultant for Colorado College Athletics where he uses sport, resilience, and positive psychology to elevate human thriving, culture, and performance.

Tim Morrill

Tim is a true leader in training for ultimate and strength & conditioning and is the co-founder of Morrill Performance, the Ocean City Beach Classic & the USA Ultimate 2x Beach National Champions – Humiliswag. He recently played at the 2020 Beach of Dreams showcase on Team Grace and presented at the USA Ultimate Coaching Symposium.

Joe Durst

Joe Durst has helped lead each of the last four U-24 men’s teams to gold medals at the U-24 World Championships, each under Head Coach Bob Krier. In addition, he has coached Denver Molly Brown in the women’s club division and currently coaches Denver Johnny Bravo in the men’s club division. He also has experience coaching ultimate at the high school and college levels.

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