2020 HS Spring League Game Schedules

An '@' means your team is 'AT' that opponent and it is an AWAY game for your team. The Home team is responsible for securing a field site.

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Open Division Schedule
Girls Division Schedule

Open Division Schedule

  Week 1
(March 12)
Week 2
(March 19)
Week 3
(March 26)
Week 4
(April 2)
Week 5
(April 9)
Week 6
(April 16)
Week 7
(April 23)
Week 8
(April 30)
Boulder @ New Vista Monarch A Spring Break @ Fairview A @ Centaurus A Broomfield Horizon Monarch B
New Vista Boulder @ Skyline Spring Break Mead @ Horizon Centaurus B @ Monarch B @ Fairview A
Fairview A @ Horizon @ Monarch B Spring Break Boulder Peak to Peak @ Centaurus A Monarch A New Vista
Fairview B Mead @ Monarch C Spring Break @ Centaurus B BYE @ Compass Skyline @ Mead
Horizon Fairview A @ Mead Spring Break Monarch B New Vista @ Skyline @ Boulder @ Peak to Peak
Mead @ Fairview B Horizon Spring Break @ New Vista Skyline @ Peak to Peak Monarch C Fairview B
Skyline @ Monarch B New Vista Spring Break Centaurus A @ Mead Horizon @ Fairview B Centaurus B
Monarch A Centaurus A @ Boulder Spring Break Broomfield @ Lakewood A East A @ Fairview A @ Centaurus A
Monarch B Skyline Fairview A Spring Break @ Horizon @ Lakewood B BYE New Vista @ Boulder
Monarch C @ Centaurus B Fairview B Spring Break BYE East B DSST Cole @ Mead @ DSST Cole
Centaurus A @ Monarch A Peak to Peak Spring Break @ Skyline Boulder Fairview A @ East A Monarch A
Centaurus B Monarch C East B Spring Break Fairview B @ North HS @ New Vista North HS @ Skyline
Peak to Peak @ Compass @ Centaurus A Spring Break Lakewood B @ Fairview A Mead @ Broomfield Horizon
Broomfield @ Lakewood A Compass Spring Break @ Monarch A Chatfield @ Boulder Peak to Peak Lakewood B
Compass Montessori Peak to Peak @ Broomfield Spring Break Chatfield @ Columbine Fairview B @ Lakewood B Lakewood A
North HS @ East B @ DSST Cole STEM Highlands Ranch Spring Break Centaurus B Lakewood B @ Centaurus B BYE
DSST Cole @ JCOS North HS @ East B Spring Break @ STEM Highlands Ranch @ Monarch C BYE Monarch C
East A @ Columbine Lakewood A Cherry Creek Spring Break @ Arapahoe @ Monarch A Centaurus A @ Littleton
East B North HS @ Centaurus B DSST Cole Spring Break @ Monarch C @ Regis Jesuit STEM Highlands Ranch JCOS
Lakewood A Broomfield @ East A Spring Break @ Cherry Creek Monarch A Arapahoe @ Columbine @ Compass
Lakewood B BYE JCOS Spring Break @ Peak to Peak Monarch B @ North HS Compass @ Broomfield
Jefferson County Open School (JCOS) DSST Cole @ Lakewood B Spring Break @ STEM Highlands Ranch Littleton Columbine @ Cherry Creek @ East B
Chatfield Littleton Arapahoe Spring Break @ Compass @ Broomfield Cherry Creek Regis Jesuit Columbine
Columbine East A Littleton Spring Break @ Arapahoe Compass @ JCOS Lakewood A @ Chatfield
STEM Highlands Ranch @ Regis Jesuit Spring Break @ North HS JCOS DSST Cole @ Littleton @ East B Cherry Creek
Littleton @ Chatfield @ Columbine Spring Break Regis Jesuit @ JCOS STEM Highlands Ranch Arapahoe East A
Arapahoe Cherry Creek @ Chatfield Spring Break Columbine East A @ Lakewood A @ Littleton Regis Jesuit
Cherry Creek @ Arapahoe Spring Break @ East A Lakewood A Regis Jesuit @ Chatfield JCOS @ STEM Highlands Ranch
Regis Jesuit STEM Highlands Ranch Spring Break BYE @ Littleton @ Cherry Creek East B @ Chatfield @ Arapahoe

Open Division Schedule
Girls Division Schedule

Girls Division Schedule

  Week 1
(March 10)
Week 2
(March 17)
Week 3
(March 24)
Week 4
(March 31)
Week 5
(April 7)
Week 6
(April 14)
Week 7
(April 21)
Week 8
(April 28)
Boulder @ Monarch A Lakewood Spring Break Fairview East @ Monarch B Hela University
Fairview BYE Monarch B Spring Break @ Boulder Compass @ Lakewood @ Monarch A Littleton
Monarch A Boulder BYE Spring Break @ Lakewood @ Hela University Fairview @ East
Monarch B @ Compass @ Fairview Spring Break BYE @ Littleton Boulder BYE Compass
Compass Montessori Monarch B @ East Spring Break BYE @ Fairview Hela @ Lakewood @ Monarch B
Lakewood East @ Boulder Spring Break Monarch A @ University Fairview Compass @ Arapahoe
East @ Lakewood Compass BYE Spring Break @ Boulder Arapahoe @ Littleton Monarch A
Chatfield/D'Evelyn (Hela)
@ Littleton Arapahoe Spring Break University Monarch A @ Compass @ Boulder BYE
Littleton Hela @ University Spring Break @ Arapahoe Monarch B BYE East @ Fairview
Arapahoe University @Hela Spring Break Littleton BYE @ East @ University Lakewood
University School @ Arapahoe Littleton Spring Break @ Hela Lakewood @ Monarch A Arapahoe @ Boulder

Open Division Schedule
Girls Division Schedule