2019 Winter Indoor League Championships

Hey folks, Congratulations to Team 7 Blue who had some really tight wins Sunday for the Winter Indoor League Championship! 

A and B Bracket Semis, finals, and 3rd place games were sooooo close! I believe every game on Sunday was a 1 point game! All the games could have gone either way! And all were fun to watch! 


This was really a special season! We had 20 girls in the league (30% of the league roster!)  Which is up from 13 last year! Games were competitive, and there was a lot of individual improvement across the board.

And 20 Schools were represented! As always, it's you the players that make these leagues so fun for everyone, including the chaperones and coaches. 

Big thanks go out to Ben Fletcher, Jason Brask and Sam Taylor who were there every Sunday to cheer you on and give out some pointers.

Also thanks to our Athletic Trainers, Roberto, Lori, and Melissa, our injury and safety specialists. 

And I have to give a special thanks to all of the parents, who make the trip every Sunday to bundle up and watch you all play in what can be a cold arena! You are all dedicated, and thanks for adding to the great atmosphere we had this year. It was truly great! 

Below this email is a link to the photos that were taken last Sunday, They are there for you to view, ( it says invitation to collaborate, but they should be only to view) and possibly download and copy, I've never set up a group of photos like this to send before, so I hope it works, if not let me know. The group shots are great! Enjoy!

Boulder and Denver Summer League registrations should be available by mid to late March! Thanks again for an absolutely awesome Winter league!