1. Please make sure you make a strong effort to get all your games played!
  2. Default game days are Thursdays, however it is important to note that you do NOT have to play on these days. Some games will need to be rescheduled due to weather or time conflicts between teams. It is up to each team to communicate with their opponents to decide on a date, time, and place that works for both teams!
  3. The HOME team is responsible for securing a field location
  4. Be in touch with teams you are supposed to play at least 1 week in advance. Make sure to confirm as you get closer, especially if weather is shifting.
  5. Contacting Opponents It is VERY IMPORTANT that your contact information is up to date and available so that teams can get in touch with you to confirm and schedule games.
    Find team contacts and field locations on the Team Finder.
  • Where possible games should be played on a field 40 yards wide x 70 yards long with 20 yard deep end zones
  • If possible, games should be played to 13 with a 70 minute soft cap and 90 minute hard cap, halftime at 7. 1 Timeout/half + 1 Floater
  • The 11th edition of the rules should be followed, and any foul calls should be discussed by the players on the field and only defer to an adult on the sideline for clarification on rules
  • Always be respectful of your opponents and conduct yourself with the highest level of sportsmanship


  Week 1 (9/6) Week 2 (9/13) Week 3 (9/20) Week 4 (9/27) Week 5 (10/4) Week 6 (10/11) Week 7 (10/18) Week 8 (1025)
Boulder A @ Monarch X New Vista @ Fairview Boulder B @ Compass @ Broomfield Golden Lafayette
Boulder B Lafayette Monarch JV @ Broomfield @ Boulder A DMHS @ Monarch Y @ New Vista Summit
New Vista Monarch Y @ Boulder A Lafayette Broomfield @ Fairview @ Monarch X Boulder B @ Golden
Fairview @ Broomfield Monarch X Boulder A @ Lafayette New Vista @ Monarch JV @ Compass DMHS
Lafayette @ Boulder B Monarch Y @ New Vista Fairview @ Monarch JV Compass Broomfield @ Boulder A
Monarch X Boulder A @ Fairview @ East X Compass @ Golden New Vista @ Lakewood A/C JCOS
Monarch Y @ New Vista @ Lafayette Monarch JV @ East Y Broomfield Boulder B @ DMHS East X
Monarch JV DMHS @ Boulder B @ Monarch Y Lakewood B Lafayette Fairview @ East X @ Broomfield
Broomfield Fairview @ Compass Boulder B @ New Vista @ Monarch Y Boulder A @ Lafayette Monarch JV
Compass Montessori @ East X Broomfield Golden @ Monarch X Boulder A @ Lafayette Fairview @ East Y
Golden JCOS East Y @ Compass @ DMHS Monarch X @ Summit @ Boulder A New Vista
Denver Montessori (DMHS) @ Monarch JV Lakewood B @ JCOS Golden @ Boulder B East X Monarch Y @ Fairview
Denver East X Compass @ Lakewood A/C Monarch X @ JCOS Littleton @ DMHS Monarch JV @ Monarch Y
Denver East Y George Washington @ Golden @ Cherry Creek Monarch Y @ CA Lakewood B @ Summit Compass
George Washington @ East Y Cherry Creek @ Lakewood B Columbine Arapahoe @ CIVA @ JCOS Littleton
Lakewood A/C @ Columbine East X @ Littleton Chatfield Summit @ CA Monarch X @ Arapahoe
Lakewood B Summit @ DMHS George Washington @ Monarch JV JCOS @ East Y Columbine @ CIVA
Summit @ Lakewood B JCOS @ Chatfield CA @ Lakewood A/C Golden East Y @ Boulder B
Jefferson County Open School (JCOS) @ Golden @ Summit DMHS East X @ Lakewood B Columbine George Washington @ Monarch X
Colorado Academy (CA) @ Cherry Creek @ Arapahoe CIVA @ Summit East Y Lakewood A/C @ Littleton Chatfield
Chatfield @ Littleton Columbine Summit @ Lakewood A/C @ Cherry Creek Arapahoe CIVA @ CA
Columbine Lakewood A/C @Chatfield Arapahoe @ George Washington CIVA @ JCOS @ Lakewood B Cherry Creek
Cherry Creek CA @ George Washington East Y @ CIVA Chatfield @ Littleton Arapahoe @ Columbine
Littleton Chatfield @ CIVA Lakewood A/C @ Arapahoe @ East X Cherry Creek CA @ George Washington
Arapahoe CIVA CA @ Columbine Littleton @ George Washington @ Chatfield @ Cherry Creek Lakewood A/C
CIVA @ Arapahoe Littleton @ CA Cherry Creek @ Columbine George Washington @ Chatfield Lakewood B