Work With Us

AYU is growing, and we need your help! We have an inclusive vision and welcome involvement from all members of the ultimate community.  Please contact any board member to volunteer or if you have ideas.

We have a variety of paid positions that we want to fill as soon as possible. Unless otherwise noted, position is open until filled. Please contact the specific manager for each position with questions or to apply.

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator will work with Hannah to create an event for local youth. The Event Coordinator will help with logistics, marketing of the event, registration and liability, and chaperoning. This position will take about 15 hours for each event. The Coordinator will receive a $150 stipend.

  • Logistics This should take about 1 hour. These may be set already.
    • pick a date and time that doesn’t clash with other events
    • find a location
  • Marketing: This is the biggest piece. This should be done each week- with the number of connections increasing as the event gets closer. This should be about 1 hour/week starting 3-4 weeks before.
    • post to Facebook
    • send to COHS (link both Facebook event page and registration)
    • Make a Facebook event
    • contact small and new teams personally (email and phone) to reach out
  • Waivers/registration/liability This will take about 1.5 hours a week before the event. Should start 2-3 weeks before the event.
    • help to make sure that waivers are signed for all participants
    • make event insured
      • insure through USAU
      • find another provider
    • determine how to register and pay
  • Help with on site registration/check-in and chaperoning depends on the event.
    • find chaperones
    • train chaperones in check in procedures
    • make sure all participants are checked-in and registered
    • chaperone events
District Coordinators

We will need 4 District Coordinators for each season (Fall, Spring). One for each of the four Districts (North, South West, East). This position will take about five hours per season OR 15 if running a qualifying event. The Coordinator will receive a $50 stipend OR a $150 stipend if running a qualifying event.

These Coordinators will do 3 major things (alongside the help of the USAU SYC):

1. Communicate with the teams in their district (~5 hours a season total)

    • gather team contacts and introduce yourself via email
    • communicate important dates and information passed along from the SYC AYU
    • make sure all teams in your district communicate ‘back’ important information
    • along side the SYC, decide if a district qualifier tourney is necessary

2. IF a district qualifying tourney is necessary, plan and run said qualifier, typically a one day event (~10 hours)

  1. Find a location and reserve adequate field space for one of the approved qualifier weekends
  2. communicate with all qualifying teams info about registering info about the event
  3. ‘Build’ the USAU score reporter system for the event
  4. Setup, run and take down the day of the event (cones, tables, chairs, tents, etc provided from AYU)
  5. Post all scores on the USAU site and communicate with the SYC and AYU about the results and which teams ‘qualify’ for the DI state tournament

3.  Be a voting member of the State Championship Committee which makes competition decisions for all 5 Division of the HS State Championships and the HS based team leagues. This will requiring voting on eligibility issues and competition changes. Might require meeting wit this committee once a season.

No tournament directing expertise is required, this person can be trained. Manager: Jeff/Justin


Colorado needs more folks becoming USAU observers AND more folks observing at local tournaments.

1) Head Observer -  This person does the following for ONE local tourney.  This position will take a few hours pre event of communicating and will be on site for the whole event. REQUIREMENT-must be a USAU certified observer. Stipend is $50/event day

      1. Work closely with the TD of the Event to decide the number of observers needed
      2. gather interest from local and regional observers to work the event
      3. if there is a budget for out of state observers, work with the TD to determine how many out of town observers will be needed and can be afforded
      4. pass along all necessary communications to your observer crew
      5. the weekend of the event, coordinate which observers work together and what games each crew will work (with the help of the TD)
      6. he or she also will be working games throughout the weekend themselves

2) Observer -  This person does the following.  REQUIREMENT-must be a USAU certified observer. Stipend is $25/event day

  1. i) Works with the TD or Head Observer to work event games
  2. ii) Brings his/her own uniform and officiating gear

iii) reports scores and TMF’s/PMF’s back to Tourney central


Database, Web Site and Newsletter Manager

We will need 1 individual to manage the member and email list database, and to collate information for and send email newsletters on behalf of AYU. This position will take about 5-6 hours per month. The coordinator will receive a $300 stipend every 6 months (Jan - Jun, July - Dec).

No technical expertise is required! We need someone who is detail-oriented and responsive, not necessarily super computer savvy (though basic computer competence is required).

Database: This task involves exporting new members from the Ultimate Central system and importing them into the email list, adding new subscribers to the email list gathered at tournaments and events, and managing unsubscribes and bouncebacks to maintain a high-delivery rate email list.

Newsletter: This task involves collating information for monthly newsletters (setting deadlines for AYU board members to provide information), proofing and rewriting when necessary to ensure style consistency and correct grammar and spelling, and managing deadlines to ensure newsletters go out on a monthly schedule.  

Web Site: This task involves translation information from AYU newsletters to blog posts and keeping website events calendar updated as necessary.

No technical expertise is required, this person will be trained in user-friendly management tools. Manager: Pogo.

Social Media Manager

We will need 1 individual to manage social media profiles on behalf of AYU. This position will take about 1-2 hours per week. The coordinator will receive a $350 stipend every 6 months (July-Dec and Jan-Jun).

This position involves checking AYU Twitter and Facebook profiles for information worth sharing, responding to comments, and spending time building our followings and followed lists on both platforms.

Metrics: 1-2 Facebook posts/week, 5-10 tweets/week. Bonuses will be built in for follower growth goals TBD.

Familiarity with Twitter and Facebook require, but some guidance in professional social media management will be provided. Manager: Pogo.

YCC Program Director

This position requires that the YCC Coordinator have good communication skills and is able communicate necessary information to YCC players, Coaches, and parents regarding everything that has to do with YCC.  

This includes knowing USAU’s membership and sanctioning procedures, securing bids for YCC, and forwarding all necessary information to YCC coaches.

Paying attention to time sensitive details is very important:

  • Knowing when deposits and flight lists are due for airline reservations, and submitting them on time.
  • Submitting YCC jersey art and order to the chosen company on time to be able to get and distribute to players before YCC.

Being able to build relationships and work well with outside entities is important:

  • Recreational and School districts for booking fields
  • Car or Van rental Group reservations for YCC
  • Airlines (Group fares and rules)
  • Hotel and Dorm contacts for accommodations at YCC
  • Jersey Vendor for YCC

Criteria used to determine the final candidate will include:

  • Ability and willingness to proactively work with current program director during transition period
  • Vision for the program moving forward
  • Ability to commit to more than one season
  • Prior experience and dedication to YCC program
  • Ability to build relationships with other people in the community
  • Knowing what makes a coach qualified- discriminating between good and great (criteria for recruiting coaches).
  • Experience managing and working with youth, coaches, parents
  • Knowing people affiliated with club teams in the area
  • Visibility and availability, responsiveness to parents/coaches/players/logistics

There will be a $2000 stipend available for this position.


Middle School Coordinator

An informal league of four to six middle school aged teams has played the last few years. We know other schools have programs, too. The first job of the coordinator will be to contact existing school programs and coordinate a spring league. The person will develop and share a current list of team contacts, help schedule games and tournaments and develop and promote other opportunities for this age group. These will include leagues, clinics, camps and club teams. He or she will also support coaches, parents and administrators as necessary.

In the future, AYU wants to focus on creating new opportunities for this community. Preference for this position will be given to someone who could grow into that role. Manager: Phil

This position will take about five hours per month. The Coordinator will receive a $50 stipend per month.

Spirit Coordinator

Spirit/Rules Coordinator:  Each season we will have a Spirit/Rules Coordinator that will meet with teams in the state to talk about both ‘Spirit of the Game’ and go over the current edition of the ‘USAU rules of Ultimate’. This position will take about 20 hours per season. The coordinator will receive a $250 stipend.

This Coordinator will do 3 major things:

    1. SCHEDULE - Make contact with the previous years 5 worst ranked spirited teams and any known first year teams and schedule with the coach/captains a day and time for the FREE ‘Spirit Clinic’.  Spirit Clinics must be scheduled and done before the current years state tournament. Must complete at least 5 Spirit Clinics (~2.5 hours)
    2. PLAN - Write a curriculum for sharing the ‘spirit of the game’ and ‘the rules of ultimate’ in a fun, informative setting for each of the different team Spirit Clinics.  Do this with planning based on feedback received about what the coaches/captains ask to focus on. Also, use feedback from previous clinic attendees to adjust implementation of the next clinic. Each Spirit Clinic should take about an hour of time to complete with a team (~5 hours)
  • RUN - Meet with teams (and their coaches/captains) and run a Spirit Clinic for at least 5 teams (~10 hours) any additional, more than 5, clinics can be run for an additional $25 per clinic.
    1. FEED BACK - create some sort of system for ‘feedback’ from the coaches/captains (and regular players if possible) to use to adjust your approach to future clinics (~2,5 hours). Report back to AYU often with progress on clinics.  Track your hours as best as possible and help rewrite this job description at the end of the year.
  • (optional) DEVELOP- create a new spirit ranking system for the state tourneys (one time additional $50) - a new sheet for teams to fill out and a way to explain the new rankings.

A high level of Spirit and rules knowledge is required, this person should also have good people skills and GREAT group speaking skills. Manager: Jeff.



To apply:

Send an email to admin at altitudeyouthultimate dot org with the following information or fill out the form below:

  • Your name
  • Your email & phone
  • Your age (optional)
  • Where you live
  • Which job are you applying for
  • Tell us about your work experience/skills in this area
  • Tell us about yourself